Top 10 Innings – All Teams and each team – 2009

Here are the “Top 10” innings for all teams and then for each team for the year 2009. Top 10

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Andrew J Wylie- No Longer the Youngest and Never the Fittest

Saturday represents a sad occasion in our recent history as we bid farewell to one of our most successful players of recent times as well as a Treasurer and a top bloke.

My two year stint as First Eleven Captain has been described as the club’s “Doldrum Years”. However, I would like to think that one or two good things came to pass and the signing of “Wyles” was certainly one of the highlights for me.

I had heard of the name Wylie as a certain John Wylie, schoolteacher from Aigburth (couldn’t bring myself to mention the L word) had during his stint as Manager of Lancashire Under 11s coached my younger brother.

Of good stock and used to playing on the County Ground at Aigburth. Where better therefore to make your Collegiate debut than Stocksbridge! Anyway he took 8 for 12 and Ian Howe advised me that it might be worth seeing if he fancied changing his mind and staying with us for the summer rather than just the University term.

You have much to answer for Howie!

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Teams for the weekend 11/12 July

Yorkshire League

League game vs. York (Away) on Sat 11 July at 12h00. Meet at Club 09h00.

  1. N. Gaywood
  2. W. Root
  3. M. Root
  4. C. Wall
  5. D. Adams
  6. M. Simpson
  7. A. Patmore [w/k]
  8. N. Khan
  9. K. Nayager
  10. J. Jones
  11. M. Dixon [c]

Scorer: H. Brebner

S.Y. Premier

League game vs. Barnsley (Home) on Sat 11 July at 13h00. Meet at Club 11h45.

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Top Bowling Performances 2008

Here are the top bowling performances for all teams in 2008 as shown on the Play Cricket site. Read on

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Top Batting Performances 2008

Here are the top batting performances for all teams in 2008 as shown on the Play Cricket site. Read on

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SCCC 246-7 Anthony McKenna 99* M Root 41
York CC 185-8 Watching Brief 4-60 N Khan 3-50

With a mixture of teenage moodiness and some stiff oaps and a swollen finger Collegiate entertained top of the table York.

Minus Gaywood/Stewart/Colegate.

Billy opened the batting with moi and we started pretty brightly going at 5s for the first ten. Billy clipping Mr popular for a three boundaries. Unfortunately the senior partner was stumped of a deflected pad.

TL got out just as a shower engulfed Abbeydale. 58min 34sec delay and Billy and Dad were together all to briefly. 70-3 entered the walking hamstring and a brilliant innings aided by Matthew 99 partnership. Rooty clothed one and Length hit an outrageous six into the sitescreeen at the tennis court end.

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