Here are the “Top 10” bowling performances for 2009

Here are the “Top 10” bowling performances for 2009 Top 10 Bowling Figures – All Teams – 2009 7-26 Mark

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The Usual Suspects – All 35 of them

By my reckoning 35 players represented the Academy this season. Please shout up if you have been overlooked. Here is my take on to the individuals concerned. Don’t look now if easily offended!

Andy Simpson, The Optician. An able Vice Captain. I think that is how Nina described him! He has been invaluable as a relatively senior player (26!). Despite having to work Saturday mornings he has always arrived on time and for the early part of the season performed the duties of Treasurer with an efficiency that Malcolm Glazer would admire.

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Youth Club runs Top Club Close- A Grand Day out in Rotherham

Possibly the youngest Academy Eleven travelled to Clifton Lane to take on table toppers Rotherham Town on a refreshingly bright afternoon. Welcome back summer.

A combination of holidays, dinner parties and suspected swine flu(text message received at 10.30p.m on Friday Night) deprived us of three of the senior players from the Wath game. Add to that T being promoted to the firsts to replace the injured Josh(get well soon mate) and the age profile dipped considerably.

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Revenge of The Wath

Football, Rugby, Fielding and Pyramids. A fine mixture of training methods on Thursday. Friday night and it looked like Breaststroke, rowing and canoeing would have been better preparation.

Cue one or two more wines than usual.

Saturday morning. Cracking the flags. Typical!

Meet at the Dale. Lime and soda. No Harry. Hello Harry where are you? Nobody told me I was playing. Get yourself down here sharpish Harry. This is not Sheffield Wednesday. Look at the website for details of selection. Fair play to Harry, arrived within ten minutes.

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Teams for 18, 19, 20 & 21 July

Yorkshire League

League game vs. Scarborough (Home) on Sat 18 July at 12h00. Meet at Club 10h45.

  1. N. Gaywood
  2. W. Root
  3. M. Root
  4. C. Wall
  5. M. Simpson
  6. A. Patmore [w/k]
  7. N. Khan
  8. K. Nayager
  9. J. Jones
  10. M. Dixon [c]
  11. T. Hancock

Scorer: A. Varley

S.Y. Premier

League game vs. Elsecar (Away) on Sat 18 July at 13h00. Meet at Club 11h00.

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I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues for Elton and Co as Captain and the Kid(s) beat Wath

The tale of our first victory of the season begins last Sunday morning when my mobile rang at 9a.m! Could I ring Jim Beachill urgently. Surely I couldn’t be in trouble this early in the season! Just checking the match is at Abbeydale next week. Confirmed.

If only someone had told the umpires! 22 players on the top pitch at the Dale, 2 umpires at Wath! Presumably the league will be fining itself! Full marks to Mr Phelan who secured a mobile number for Umpire Kettleborough who was already at Beauchief when I rang him.

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Top Batting Performances 2008

Here are the top batting performances for all teams in 2008 as shown on the Play Cricket site. Read on

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