Here are the “Top 10” bowling performances for 2009

Here are the “Top 10” bowling performances for 2009 Top 10 Bowling Figures – All Teams – 2009 7-26 Mark

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Top 10 Innings – All Teams and each team – 2009

Here are the “Top 10” innings for all teams and then for each team for the year 2009. Top 10

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Teams for 1/2 August

Yorkshire League

League game vs. Sheffield United (Home) on Sat 1 Aug at 12h00. Meet at Club 10h45.

  1. N. Gaywood
  2. W. Root
  3. C. Wall
  4. E. Mckenna
  5. M. Root
  6. M. Simpson
  7. A. Patmore [w/k]
  8. N. Khan
  9. K. Nayager
  10. M. Dixon [c]
  11. T. Hancock

Scorer: A. Willis

S.Y. Premier

League game vs. Wath (Away) on Sat 1 Aug at 13h00. Meet at Club 11h00.

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Captain Root leads his boys home to top the table

Well it was a baking hot day and we turned up with 12 to play Killamarsh on the main square. Toss of a coin saw us down to 11 and one off to the nets. Sorry Garth. So we had Rooty, one grandad, a 28 year old going on 13 and the rest were under 20. Good to see Joe fresh from a hundred at Scarbrough in the changing room getting our kit ready, serving drinks, brushing and painting lines at tea and of course looking after my jumper in case I needed it.

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