Teams for the weekend 6/7 September

Yorkshire League

League game vs. Appleby Frodingham (Home) on Sat 6 September at 12h00. Meet at Club 10h45.

  1. N. Gaywood
  2. B. Root
  3. R. Kettleborough
  4. M. Root
  5. C. Stewart
  6. J. Pitcher [w/k]
  7. M. Simpson
  8. P. Turnbull
  9. N. Khan
  10. R. Greaves
  11. M. Dixon [c]

Scorer: B. Jones

S.Y. Premier

League game vs. Elsecar (Away) on Sat 6 September at 12h30. Meet at Club 10h45.

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Sat 12/Sun 13 April 2008

The home game against Chesterfield has had to be cancelled so we are hoping to take a squad to Chesterfield (although their recent pitch inspection did not hold out too much hope). The squad is:-

M Dixon
C Stewart
M Simpson
C Colegate
R Greaves
N Khan
N Gaywood
M Root
D Walton
T Lister
B Fielding
A Simpson
R Richards

I suggest we meet at Abbeydale at 10.30am. Alternatively if the game is off we could do a spot of training in the afternoon.

There is also a game at Worksop College on Sunday with a 12.30pm start. I hope that all those listed above will be available especially if the game on Saturday does not take place.

I apologise for the late provision of this information but the weather (as ever) has not helped. Please give me a call if you are not available.

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