Here are the “Top 10” bowling performances for 2009

Here are the “Top 10” bowling performances for 2009 Top 10 Bowling Figures – All Teams – 2009 7-26 Mark

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Top 10 Innings – All Teams and each team – 2009

Here are the “Top 10” innings for all teams and then for each team for the year 2009. Top 10

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Teams for 22 August

Yorkshire League

League game vs. Cleethorpes (Away) on Sat 22 Aug at 12h00. Meet at Club 09h15.

  1. N. Gaywood
  2. W. Root
  3. J. Colton
  4. M. Root
  5. C. Wall
  6. A. Patmore [w/k]
  7. N. Khan
  8. M. Thompson
  9. K. Nayager
  10. M. Dixon [c]
  11. T. Hancock

Scorer: A. Varley

S.Y. Premier

League game vs. Darfield (Home) on Sat 22 Aug at 12h30. Meet at Club 11h15.

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SCCC IV 118 for 9 Millhouses 1st XI 198 for 8 Win for Millhouses.

Defeat it might have been, gate painting day for a number of regulars it certainly was, personal disappointment for one ageing bowler and would be battist and educationalist YES!, but spare a thought for the green shoots of recovery, the coming of a new dawn, the new lambs of spring.many clichs can you compose and ponder for a match report in a trudge from first slip to first slip between overs.

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Top Bowling Performances 2008

Here are the top bowling performances for all teams in 2008 as shown on the Play Cricket site. Read on

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