Here are the “Top 10” bowling performances for 2009

Here are the “Top 10” bowling performances for 2009 Top 10 Bowling Figures – All Teams – 2009 7-26 Mark

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Top 10 Innings – All Teams and each team – 2009

Here are the “Top 10” innings for all teams and then for each team for the year 2009. Top 10

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2010 U17 Squad

Please find below preliminary U17 squad, and other information. any queries contact details below.
Under 17s
Manager: Andy Udall [H 0114 236 6993; M 0771 115 3623]
Training to be confirmed.
Matches: Tuesday evenings at 18.00


Mark Barnsley
Tom Hancock
Chris Pickford
Josh Jones
Jonathon Udall
Josh Varley
Elliot Winter
Stefan Woodward
Mathew Cork
Matt Lee
Charlie Webber
ed rushworth
Lawrie Brennan
Oliver Hepplewhite
Eliot Callis
Will Sides
Jack Lister
Joe Rooke

Ivan Priestley U17
Thorncliffe Whitley Hall
Oughtibridge Bradfield
Stocksbridge Sheff Coll
Wickersley OV Blue U15 Squad
Hallam Norton Oakes

Tue 27th Apr Under 17 vs Thorncliffe CC – Under 17

Tue 4th May Hallam CC – vs Under 17

Tue 11th May Under 17 vs Wickersley Old Village

Thurs 13th May Paramore Cup Vs Whiston Meths

Tue 18th May Norton Oakes vs Under 17

Thurs 20th May PC Reserve

Thurs 10th June PC 2nd round

Tue 15th June Under 17 vs Oughtibridge CC – Under 17

Thurs 17th June PC Reserve

Tue 22nd June Whitley Hall CC vs Under 17

Thurs 24th June PC 3rd

Tue 29th June Under 17 vs Bradfield Village Fellowship CC –

Thurs 1st July PC Reserve

Tue 6th July Under 17 vs U15 Squad – Under 15

Thurs 8th Jul PC Semi Final

Tue 13th July Stocksbridge CC vs Under 17

Thurs 15 July PC Semi Final Reserve

Fri 3rd Sept PC Final

Fri 10th Sept PC Reserve

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Future Number 11

I’m sure you’ll all like to join me in congratulating Waif and his Mrs Liz on the birth of their second child, Jack.

Jack was born on Boxing Day and already the likeness with his father is clear for all to see. It’s rumoured that his journey from the womb was rather crab-like (ala Waif’s batting style) and on entering the world, Jack looked around the delivery suite, grabbed a hankerchief and in true Longley style, blew his hooter like a good ‘un. Fortunately, Jack, like his elder brother Daniel appear to have been spared the infamous Longley nose.

The news of Jack’s birth has had mixed response particularly in the Barnsley region where Elsecar fast bowling hero, Paul Tasker was quoted as saying ” **** me! Now there’s 3 of them going to be trying to destroy me! I’m off to join the Central Yorkshire League!” Elsecar CC are currently deciding whether to take legal action against both Longers and Colegiate.

Waif meanwhile is over the moon and celebrated Jack’s arrival by cracking open the Lenor, putting a wash on and attacking the pile of ironing that had been left for him. This part is actually a part-lie. Waif also got s**t-faced as usual.

It is in fact no accident that Waif has named his children Jack and Daniel which is very reminiscent of a famous alcoholic drink. However, reports that he is sponsored by the brewers of Jack Daniels are unfounded at this stage. I’m sure we will learn more when Longers’ autobiography, ‘Me, the ironiong and a bottle of Thunderbird.’ is released in the summer.

Seriously though, congratulations to both Longers and Liz and of course Wiz who is now a specialist Grandafather

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The Usual Suspects – All 35 of them

By my reckoning 35 players represented the Academy this season. Please shout up if you have been overlooked. Here is my take on to the individuals concerned. Don’t look now if easily offended!

Andy Simpson, The Optician. An able Vice Captain. I think that is how Nina described him! He has been invaluable as a relatively senior player (26!). Despite having to work Saturday mornings he has always arrived on time and for the early part of the season performed the duties of Treasurer with an efficiency that Malcolm Glazer would admire.

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Teams for 5/6 September

Yorkshire League

League game vs. Barnsley (Away) on Sat 5 Sept at 12h00. Meet at Club 10h15.

  1. N. Gaywood
  2. W. Root
  3. J. Colton
  4. E. Mckenna
  5. C. Wall
  6. A. Patmore [w/k]
  7. M. Thompson
  8. N. Khan
  9. K. Nayager
  10. B. Watson
  11. M. Dixon [c]

Scorer: A. Varley

S.Y. Premier

League game vs. Wickersley (Home) on Sat 5 Sept at 12h30. Meet at Club 11h15.

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Teams for the weekend 11/12 July

Yorkshire League

League game vs. York (Away) on Sat 11 July at 12h00. Meet at Club 09h00.

  1. N. Gaywood
  2. W. Root
  3. M. Root
  4. C. Wall
  5. D. Adams
  6. M. Simpson
  7. A. Patmore [w/k]
  8. N. Khan
  9. K. Nayager
  10. J. Jones
  11. M. Dixon [c]

Scorer: H. Brebner

S.Y. Premier

League game vs. Barnsley (Home) on Sat 11 July at 13h00. Meet at Club 11h45.

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