Under 11s Red Army secure the Chris Drury Title

I am delighted to report that exceeding all expectations under the excellent management of Roger Justin the Under 11s Reds secured the league title losing just one game on the way.

More importantly every member of the squad improved immeasurably during the season, which is testimony to their hard work and willingness to listen to the coaching received. Well done Boys.

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Under 9s Blue Finals Day

I am pleased to report that having won 14 out of 15 regular season games the Under 9s Blue won 2 out of 3 games at Finals Day losing by single figures to Doncaster.

This for some of the players has been the culmination of 3 seasons hard work during which every one of them has improved beyond recognition. The results have inevitably also improved but that is irrelevant at this level. Indeed that is the ethos of almost every club we have shared the enjoyment with over the last 3 seasons.

The SQUAD (note not just 8 players) managed by Richard Thomas and coached by Chris Ash have been a credit to the club. The emphasis has been on enjoyment and improvement but the team themselves have demonstrated a competitive edge whilst playing the game the Collegiate way.

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“You Never Lose It” – A tribute to 9 for 1

If you have had the misfortune to play in the same team as Anders Van Langdalen in his declining years you will know that despite horrendous dropped catches, first ballers and spells from Mr. Kipling he still produces the odd pedigree moment. When this happens the catch phrase at the head of this piece gets trotted out.

Last Saturday the man returned the truly remarkable, outstanding bowling figures of 5.4 overs 5 maidens 9 (NINE)wickets for 1 (ONE) run. We all know Bill once got all ten but 9 fer 1 takes some beating anywhere.

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Tommo Ton and Two For as Town downed by Stiffs

Two weeks on from Ice Station Rotherham and the Stiffs travelled with a much changed team to complete their away quota in the mini Yorkshire League tri challenge at Doncaster.

The temperature baking. Youthful side with Bully, Stewie, Benjy and Rooty replaced by Shawsy,Minnie, Rooke Senior and Mikey fresh from Astroturf rugby in Lanzarote. Don’t ask.

Warm up not really required. Toss actually mattered and was duly won.

With two of our senior players back in the shed for 10 things didn’t look good. Priesters struggling on with foot/ankle injury bowled for 0 and Tom out for 10 off just 7 balls.

Barts and Tommo then added yet another century stand for the team before Barts perished for a classy 50. AJ batted with his usual common sense and a further 50 was added.

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Stiffs advance in quest for Cup Glory.

Following the disappointment of a third consecutive league defeat the Stiffs set out on their mission to follow in the illustrous footsteps of the Dick Foulkes side of 2002 on the trail of cup glory in the Mick Savage Memorial Trophy.

By the way let me tell you it will be no easy mission.

Our opponents Rotherham Town stiffs for the second week in a row. Judging by their preparation Saturday night in Rotherham is full on.

Tom Lister and Riaz rejoined the fold with a guest appearance from the Optician and the Worksop boys Callis and Root minor the changes from Saturday.

4th toss out of five lost. Batting again.

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Vintage Priesters Part 2 with Cameo from Stewie Light, but Stiffs fall to Darfield Defeat

Darfield, relegated along with us last season, were the visitors to the Dale for what proved to be yet another high scoring game in which we came out on the wrong side of the result.

Riaz and Tom Lister promoted to the firsts and Mikey on a rugby tour to Lanzarote. Barts back from illness, Tommo from studies and Benjy from first team duty.

Temperature not too high but positively tropical compared with the previous weekend. Toss lost again. Inserted.

Back to 1993 as Rooty and Priesters strode out to open. 63 runs added in quick time before Rooty managed to locate a boundary rider off a log hop. Sir Donald and Crofty reminiscing in the clubhouse, particularly amused by an attempted quick single. Did the batsmen actually believe it was 1993!

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An apology

An Unreserved Apology – By Webbo


It is with regret that I must concede that my recent posting regarding last Saturdays Collegiate 4th team fixture may have included several minor inaccuracies , indeed it did, namely all the words! For this I sincerely apologise to all who may have been offended and any misunderstandings caused at said fixture with the opposition, however in the omelet that is sports reporting here in Eastern Europe it is inevitable that occasionally the wrong eggs are cracked.

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Nelson for Root but G Force sees Rotherham home

In the first battle of the YL Stiffs Tri Series we travelled to Clifton Lane with a side packed with talent. Unfortunately, Stewie was in A and E at the Children’s Hospital with Matthew. Regular updates sent either way by text.

Bully also encountered difficulty on route, having to rely on directions received from local chavs intoxicated outside a pub before midday! Wait until the World Cup starts!

A gentle warm up in the sub zero temperatures with a wind chill factor to match the slopes of Switzerland in January. Highlight for me was a terrier dog deciding to pay a visit close to AJ’s gloves. A lucky blessing?

Toss lost. In we go.

Stewie duly arrived with Matthew thankfully discharged without a break. Stewie waited almost as long to bat as he did in A and E!

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