Shares fall as Langdale spotted on bus.

Shares in Langdale Holdings fell sharply this week as the CEO was spotted on public transport over the christmas period. Shocked fellow passengers reorted seeing him and his wife sitting in “full view” of his subjects on a First Mainline Bus. The driver who didn’t want to be named for fear of reprisals was quoted as saying, “He just came on, his wife paid and he just sat down, right over there, it’s all just still sinking in really.” Maureen Foulkes (No relation) said “I said to our Neville “bu**er me that’s im!” but it was so unlikely that we both dismissed it, i wished i’d ad the gumption to say sommat to im but thats a regret i’ll take wi me t’me grave. Fancy. Eh!” A spokesman for the Tycoon was swift to dampen down speculation that the empire was suffering from financial difficulties.

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Club AGM Wednesday 5th December Starting @ 6:30pm at Abbeydale

The AGM for Sheffield Collegiate Cricket Club will take place at 6.30pm on Wednesday 5 December at Abbeydale Sports Club in the main function room & all members are welcome.

The AGM is expected to close around 7:30pm following which supper will be served. If you wish to have a supper, please contact me or reply to this post so that I can advise the Sports Club of the numbers attending. The meal will be a very reasonable £10.00 per head.

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