China Trek

As you may know already, I am taking part in a charity walk along The Great Wall of China organised by Michael and Nichola Vaughan to raise funds for the purchase of pioneering equipment for the Neurosurgery Department at The Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Michael is a Patron of The Sheffield Children’s Hospital and I aim to try to raise a minimum of £5,000.00 for this project. A party of 22 will be going on the trip to China which involves a trek from Gubeiko to Mutianyu in the mountains and remote areas of Beijing.

The trip will be from 17 to 23 September 2011 so I am hoping I will be fit for the walk at the end of the cricket season but I recognise I may have to do some training if only to break those walking boots in.

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Bowling Machine

A bowling machine… A great invention, capable of putting the ball on the same spot as consistently as His Lordship and amazingly even quicker than him! With the fantastic new nets providing a top class surface for practicing on a bowling machine would push our training onto the next level.

Throwdowns can only get us so far before peoples shoulders give way. According to my calculations we would need £2125 in order to have a top BOLA bowling machine 24 balls and a powerpack that can be connected to the mains. As a result I think fundraising may be in order to make this pipe dream a reality!

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