1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th XI for Saturday 11th June, & Mansfield XI for Sunday 12th June

Yorkshire League

League game vs. Castleford (Away) on Saturday 11th June at 12.00pm. Meet at 9.30am.

  1. N Gaywood
  2. J Root
  3. C Wall
  4. E McKenna
  5. A Patmore (wkt)
  6. P Turnbull
  7. J Fisher
  8. W Street
  9. Tom “driver” Hancock
  10. M Dixon
  11. T Bartles

Scorer: A Willis

Sth Riding League

League game vs. Eslecar (Home) on Saturday 11th June at 1.00pm. Meet at 12.00pm.

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Bowling Machine

A bowling machine… A great invention, capable of putting the ball on the same spot as consistently as His Lordship and amazingly even quicker than him! With the fantastic new nets providing a top class surface for practicing on a bowling machine would push our training onto the next level.

Throwdowns can only get us so far before peoples shoulders give way. According to my calculations we would need £2125 in order to have a top BOLA bowling machine 24 balls and a powerpack that can be connected to the mains. As a result I think fundraising may be in order to make this pipe dream a reality!

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Mansfield side off to opposite of a flyer

Edwinstowe vs Sheffield Collegiate
SCCC 153 all out/ Edwinstowe 154/5. SCCC lose by 5 wickets

The Mansfield XI kicked off their Premier League campaign with a disappointing loss at Edwinstowe, famous for a big tree which Robin Hood was supposed to have hidden inside (it’s absolutely massive and different from all the other trees, so people must have been quite dim back then). A nice little ground with quite a decent crowd turn out.

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