Five Dog Volunteers help continue to drive us towards promotion.

Ridgeway 120 AO, SCCC Vs 122 for 4 (Brown 41* Shaw 33). Without 11 bodies on the pitch it is very difficult to win cricket matches. Ridgeway are not the strongest side we have faced this year but with holidays, withdrawals and unavailability throughout the club they provided more resistance than perhaps we hoped for. #AllFiveDogs go top of the League. A game that very nearly didnt take place, a lot of behind the scenes negotiating, persuasion, downright bloody-mindedness got the game on with the correct number on the field. Defeat for Baslow, losing for the second week running ensured we go top with just a few games remaining. Many thanks to all who ensured the game went ahead but there will be tougher tests in the next few weeks and we hope to get a few back in.

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Uncle Pete helps maintain promotion push for V’s despite his first over, RyDog fails to use the Goose whilst Pickford just proves to be #banterdog

The Vs maintained their push for promotion as results went their way this weekend. Baslow lost to Apperknowle and then succumbed to the Dogs! Putting the Vs with range of the leaders. Batting first the Vs put on a solid 202 for 6 bowling out Apperknowle IIs for just over a hundred.

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SCCC Vth XI 192 for 7 Ashford in the Water 144 AO

Sadly the glorious climes of the English summer are no more, the drizzles returned along with double sweaters and sawdust. This of course could not dampen the spirit and enthusiasm of the Five Dogs at perhaps the most picturesque ground on the local circuit. Mr Blofeld would have enjoyed painting the canvas over crackling airwaves, he certainly would have enjoyed the selection of cakes at tea. Was this the best tea on the circuit? Sadly no Double Deckers to report on but a returning excursion from the local village store did bring a couple of Kit Kats. #thejokesdontgetanybetterthanthis

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To those who have given up

I shall play cricket in heaven
in return for the afternoons
gladly given to the other
pleasure of others’ leisure.

I shall walk, without haste, to the wicket
and nod to the angels kitted
in their whites waiting to discern
the kind of batspirit I am.

And one stroke in heaven, one dream
of a cover drive will redeem
every meeting of bat
and ball I’ve done without.

And I’ll bowl too, come on to bowl
leg-breaks with such control
of flight and slight changes of pace
that one over will efface

the faint regret I now feel.
But best of all I shall field:

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SCCC IV 118 for 9 Millhouses 1st XI 198 for 8 Win for Millhouses.

Defeat it might have been, gate painting day for a number of regulars it certainly was, personal disappointment for one ageing bowler and would be battist and educationalist YES!, but spare a thought for the green shoots of recovery, the coming of a new dawn, the new lambs of spring.many clichs can you compose and ponder for a match report in a trudge from first slip to first slip between overs.

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Thirds Warm’ed by point as Lobber sees it through.

The Thirds grabbed a point up at Warmsworth against a decent team but after a steady display in the field should feel disappointed as they stumbled to 161 for 9 in their 50 over reply. Warmsworth chose to bat on a good wicket, after Hamps lost his first toss of the season, making a decent 210 for 8. Miller bowled better and better as his lengthy spell progressed , taking two well earned wickets and keeping a lid on the scoring rate. The other bowlers all bowled around the Big-T with little success in the way of wickets until Z’d returned to snaffle 5 wickets (3 in one over) in a frantic conclusion to the Warmsworth innings. Israh on his return from the ring, kept both sides entertained and amused throughout our spell of fielding.

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Fourth Team suffer defeat against Holmesfield Firsts.

In discussion with Sir Alan as the game was drawing, painfully from a Collegiate perspective, to its conclusion, a few suggestions were mooted as to our downfall against Holmesfield. Someone suggested poor bowling, batsmen getting in then getting themselves out. The list is endless and reasoned self examination is of course never pointless. However, it was Sir Alan himself that offered the reason for our decline as the title on this report. However much you agree or disagree you have to take his point, for as results filtered in from other venues around the turfs of Yorkshire t’was a less than happy conclusion for the men representing the maroon, blue and gold of the Collegiate.

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Javed innings not enough.

The return of the previously fecked but now re-engineered Hampshire ensured a good spirit and tactical dexterity (Winning the toss helped too). The field shuffled one foot one way or the other as a masterclass in captaincy was performed in the Peaks above the clouds. Leips noted the superb view but wasnt sure what substance was being extracted from the quarry (I assured him he couldn’t smoke it) as Davey pondered the view to Hassop or was it Hadden Hall. Anyway Experience opened from one end with Youth at the other. Many Youths then bowled from both ends as the Experienced Winter struggled to cope with in his words “feeling old”. Zed bowled a good tight first spell.

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