4ths go for Eights

As the Henley regatta drew to a close yesterday the 4ths matched the rowing venue in a cockless eights show at Parkhead. Arrival at the ground was accompanied by a deluge of monsoon proportion and heeding the Weather warning Webster dragged Shabby into the thunder free environment of the Wheatsheaf. If Carlsberg did cricket it would be this way. As the Parkhead boys removed their plastic ‘coverings’ a few vessels were dismissed as Webster detailed the antics of the ‘boobs with willies brigade’ who reside on the 4th floor of The Crazy Horse in Bratislava and would appear to recieve a large proportion of this tax exile’s depravity fund. Umpires inspect the pitch and the ‘coverings’ have left a wet patch that dear old John Holmes would have been proud of.

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