India Again


We all seem to be in different places and at different times on sunday so I will update here and we probably cannot meet on sunday

I have asked Prash to look at dates in India for 10/12 days to include the october half term in 2012. This means end of Oct /early Nov. England are there later in the Autumn but that will put the price up and draw attention away from our touring party!!!!

I have suggested that we play in Pune and possibly Mumbai. Elsewhere is difficult for him to arrange

Macca has offered to manage the money again but this is on the basis that we pay upfront for all costs except personal spending

I have got some flight and hotel details based on 2011 prices and without seeking group discount

Return BA flight from Manchester to Mumbai £600

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Stewie shells 5

Stewie turned out for the 4s as for the next few weeks he has to work on Saturday morning and cannot get to the early starting games. Wongy also played as he was confused about whether he was available on saturday but he was definitely available on Monday( I will leave Jacko to work that one out now that he now has a lap top to read reports)

We were away at Ottokompo playing a new team to the league, Richmond. Lobber was away so slayer in charge. Lost toss and they batted. At 50 for 4 this looked a poor call but a 5th wicket stand of 130 helped them to 204 for 6ish. Now this was all helped by shelling 8 catches. This included Stewie’s quintet, 3 at slip, one at midwicket and a refusal at point.

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Squeaky bum time

We played Shardlow up on the Ghobi Desert. Lobber won toss and bowled. Hilarious first over. Picko steamed in, opener gloved it, Josh caught it , ump started to raise finger, batter said not out and ump put finger down. Schoolmaster at slip couldn’t believe it and summoned every bit of wit, petulance and anger he has picked up from school yard including “what sort of example is that to set kids”!!!!!!

Didn’t matter much though as Picko and Rookie struck including a catch from Lobber. Amazing what captaincy does. 3 years of not catching and now he has to focus and they stick!!. On comes Lobber and takes a 7fer, including two more catches!!!!!

All out 116

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