Fives on a Roll!

Well, 3 games in to the season and on maximum points! It’s too early to say anymore but things are going to plan…

Highlights from the last 2 victories

VS. Ridgeway

SCCC 255 for 8
Wright 69 (again!) Liver 41 and a maiden 50 from Shelley.
Ridgeway 80 ao
Wonderful opening spells from both Stevens (6-4-2-1) and Priestley (6-2-24-2) Brennan and Liver bowled really well but would have been better aiming for the stumps rather than the batsmen! A couple for Langers and another 3 fer for me.

VS. Chesterfield Barbarians

Chesterfield 101 ao

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Fives vs. Woodhouse

Things started well for the 5th team on Saturday, not only did we bag the top square at HSBC but we also managed to win the toss!

We decided to have a bowl first, even though the track looked a good one to bat on, due to the strength of our bowling attack much to the dismay of Peter.
Opened with Stephan and Lawrie who both bowled well and were very unlucky not to have a couple of wickets each early on. Plenty of edges and at least a couple of dropped catches unfortunately!

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