Hatfield Town sent back to school by Collegiate juniors!

A new season, a new Sunday league, a step into the unknown, and an ever expanding “squad” of players available to play.

With slight confusing during the week about when the season started, the team wasn’t fully confirmed until Saturday evening later on (this is not the plan in the future)….due to the late planning though, 3 spaces remained, and these were filled by Mick Rowntree & 2 excellent junior players for the under 13s – Harvey Rowntree & Isaac Parkin, both making their senior debuts. Team sorted….well not 100%, due to some miscommunication, only 10 players made the meet time & made the trip away! Having got with 500 yards of the ground (but not in sight) an uneven track appeared, on the advice on locals, 3 cars were advised to drive back and go round a different route….unfortunately this did not include Tom Hancock in his car who took on the track, arriving at the ground a little shaken!

Standard Sunday warm up on 5 a side football started off a good afternoon, with 2 umpires present, Simmo won the toss, sticking to the usual Sunday plan of batting first!

Rob Shaw & Matt Tyas made their way to the middle and took advantage of a fairly flat wicket, getting off to a quick start, boundaries flowing. The 1st wicket finally well with score on 44, Matt Tyas unable to cash in on a full toss, the ball looping to midwicket. Rob Shaw continued his assault on the Hatfield bowling attack, including a 6 over cover! The spin was soon on for Hatfield, including a bowling action which left the crowd in speechless?! This however still did not put off Shawsy, who had been joined by Tom Hancock – score at the drinks break – 114 for 1, Rob Shaw yet another Sunday league 50 when opening the batting (a quote from Rob himself “I think I must be Collegiate’s best ever opening batsman statistically”???). Ben Fielding was now in contact advising to get photo’s of any other milestones (Shawsy’s 100, or Hancock’s 50)….but this jinxed both cases, both out in quick succession, Rob Shaw for 77, and Tom Hancock for 43. Ben Rooke in middle, once again doing it the “Ben Rooke” way, grinding out even more runs!! Tom Dunn in and out for 8….including a 6! Mick Rowntree continued helping the total mount up, with some delicate single’s initially, then a slightly more brutal style later (Ben Rooke still grinding along). With less than 2 over’s to go, Mick was finally caught on 22, Ben Rooke still there. A mini collapse of sorts ended the game, including 2 run outs, both involving Ben Rooke, but Ben Rooke not being out on both occasions!? Final total of 222 for 8 of 40 over’s!

Tea – a magnificent spread resembling something you may seem on an “all inclusive holiday” rather than at tea during a cricket game!

Once everyone was suitable fed, out into the field the 10 men went. Youth was the name of the game with the bowling attack – “senior” opening bowler on the day, James Sparky Hall (or as he likes to be called – Hally) took the 1st over, with promising shape and early swing. The 2nd over of the innings was bowled by Harvey Rowntree on his debut…..bowling off a yard longer than he is used to for under 13s, and with a bigger ball, but this didn’t faze him! A couple of lusty blows by the Hatfield opener saw the new match temporarily lost and the spare ball called for. Before another ball had been bowled Simmo and the opener had a minor disagreement over this ball, phrases such as “it’s not your ball to look at” & “just get back here and bat…” may have been heard. This may have disrupted the batsman but not Harvey who was back on his spot with the spare ball, causing the opening the mishit the ball high to mid-on….where fellow under 13 player Isaac Parkin was fielding (also on debut)…also unfazed by the whole day, took an excellent catch making it look easy! This was the catalyst for a batting collapse/excellent display of bowling in general! Sparky/Hally got in the act too very soon after, caught by opening batsman Rob Shaw running back at cover over his shoulder! Sparky in his 7 over spell clean bowled 2 more, giving figures of 7 over’s, 3 for 26. Harvey kept charging in from the other end, getting a 2nd victim to his name with a good in swinger, trapping the batsman LBW…Harvey’s final figures for the day – 6 over’s, 2 for 31 (1 over in his 2nd spell). The youth policy continued from the top end, with Harvey being replaced by Isaac – also on the spot from the very 1st ball!! Bowling a superb line and length, frustrating the batsman, finally dragging a batter forward, beating the bat, stumped Simmo! Isaac’s 1st senior victim too!! A terrific 5 over spell from Isaac, taking 1 wicket for only 11 runs – could have been more wickets for Harvey & Isaac is “opening batsman” Rob Shaw had taken a couple of other chances?! Sparky was replaced by Matt Tyas, the oldest bowler of the day at just 17! A steady spell of back of a length bowling (maybe a little short on the day???) proved economical, but far more effective when pitched up, saw Matt clean up the other 4 wickets to bowl out Hatfield Town for 91 after just 22.4 over’s!!

A superb display of bowling by all the juniors – good thing they bowled well though, meant an early finish, early to bed ready for school the next day!!!

An excellent day had by all, hopefully the 2 new juniors (Isaac & Harvey) enjoyed making their senior debut’s!! Big thank you for playing at short notice!

The future is looking bright!! Get these juniors playing!


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