VPs Take Root 66 To Narrow Victory part 2

Baslow 194 all out from 45.5; Seal 5/65. Collegiate VPs 197 for 8; Root 66. 25 points.

Moved up to 6th in table. I’m all for minimalist writing and Ron’s report gets A* for that while missing a couple of key details.

We won the toss in a turnaround of tossage fortune (second week running this tactic has worked btw) and Ron took glayer advice and bowled first. Some concomitant dissent from a couple who should know better before we got out on the pitch.

The only reason I’m writing this is the lack of an available bolt gun following fetlock recurrence while marking out run (just returned from a session with Mrs Parr who examined fetlock Apocalypse Now style with extreme prejudice). So Varls and Root opened but the only success was an Ash run out that those in the know knew was coming before the batsmen even turned for the second. We did miss opportunities though.

Second half and we were looking a bit dodgy with runs on the board and only one out. However a couple of ill conceived shots from a few extreme parabolic deliveries (4 out of 5 clean bowled I’ll have you know) produced wickets and the rush for runs ended with a Sealie 5-fer. The last two wickets were both runouts and we ended up chasing 195 to win. The mood was good and the target regarded a gettable given a rapid outfield. We should have been chasing 230.

I wish I had a picture of the tea. Something to behold and another good reason for fielding first.

Langers put a bit too much wrist in to his shot, no doubt having underestimated strength in said wrist acquired by sitting on back of his boat. Meanwhile Stewie misfired perhaps for not unrelated reasons. TGI CAsh set about stabilising the innings and he and Root the elder using nicked bat (I ask you, who steals a son’s kit) put on 68 for the 3rd wicket and at 98-3 and not far off 5 an over it was looking interesting. A rejuved Parrsie (presumably life force gained through permission to swim given by Antarean leader) and Root took the score to 147-5. After Varls was edged onto his pad and so given out under a previously undosclosed new MCC experimental law Waif looked good until suckered by the last ball of a finely Honed last ball. After Root  the elder holed out on 66 the situation was a little tense on 178-8 as Angry arrived on one leg with runner hopefully not too Rooted to the spot to join Bob who couldn’t move his bat after shoulder damage. However we conspired not to have a runout and while there was tension in the pavillion (pavilion Parrsie?) it was only three an over and relatively calm on the pitch. Angry dusted off his over-mid-off shot to close proceedings with 4 balls to spare in a great game and maximum points moving us to mid-table mediocrity with another double-pointer against Calver on the main ground on Sunday.

We had a very pleasant drink in the gloaming outside the Baslow clubhouse. Generally agreed to be one of the better games of cricket for some time.

Diamond clear it is not obvious we would have bowled Baslow out if they were chasing. A question of team balance on the day.

It would be appreciated if club members would donate spare body parts to the VP XI in order for us to make it to the end of the season.

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  • 9th July 2013 at 9:36 am

    Confirmation from Oxford English Dictionary that the correct version is indeed pavilion with just the one ‘l’. 


    ‘As any fule kno’  (N.Molesworth)

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