Comprehensive Win for VPs

Civil Service 122 ao

VPs 125 /4

25 points

A good allround bowling performance led by a returning Nick Varley 5/41, with Angry, Waif and Joe’s Dad in support saw off table topping Civil Service for 122.

Despite early loss of Hamps, the runs were quickly knocked off in half the available overs. Stewie 32, Joe’s Dad 22* and Charlie Langdale 52* did the business.

2 thoughts on “Comprehensive Win for VPs

  • 30th June 2013 at 6:44 pm

    Need more gloss on our good performance Ron. Don’t forget Stewie’s dive recreating his parachute landing to save a run. The lack of giant carniverous rats in our bags. Andy Langdale’s bowling performace. And of course, bowler, “catch it”, Langers, “catch it!, ****ing fetch it”.

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