Late Overseas Pro Signing Fails To Deliver

T20 First Round VPXI Eliminated

Beat – Sheffield Medics

Lost –  Totley Sports

On a day where the VPs had a better team watching off the field than stumbling about on it Cricket was the winner once again………..

Longley D., Rusby, Stewart, Varley N., STREETY, Langdale J., Rav’s new ladyfriend….your boys took a hell of a beating…………

Although Hamps steady jug avoidance saw us post just enough to beat the Medics when it came to the decider with, excellent hosts for the day, Totley…. we got walloped. Despite (or maybe because of) Waif’s best sledging and comedy fielding from the doctor (and one or two others) Totley got to over 140 from their 16 overs.

The side was clearly lacking tonkage when selected and some tough negotiations with the Slovakian Cricket Board were needed to secure the services of much vaunted big hitting bad boy Ashlvic Wbstrvic. Regular team members were alerted early on to the fact that this was probably not the dream signing the management had promised when The Slogger of Slovakia arrived in a big orange Rentokil Van. It transpired that infestation experts had met “The Big Lad”, as we came to know him, at the Airport with some bad news about their care of his vintage cricketing uniforms. The Mouses were not so much out of the bag as in and through it. Almost all items had been reduced to string vest ventilation levels. It was one of the saddest sights since Van Langdalen’s kit was used as an early test site for GM crop development.

After some fumigation and hologrammatical fielding Wbstrvic finally reached the crease with the team really needing him to deliver hittage on the MittelEurop scale for which he is known in the “Sports” Bars of Bratislava. An early swat through midwicket proved to be just a teasing glimpse of what might have been for all concerned. Maybe his success has been in the “Sports Bras” of Bratislava as some had long suspected. With a cheery wave of his bat the lad was gone and heading for his true metier slightly down the slope. Here he certainly dealt the Thornbridge Ales line up serious punishment for a couple of hours. After that the Big Orange Van of his sponsors arrived and whisked him back to the airport. We thought he said “See you in August.” but then again someone seemed to suggest Street was fit for selection too??

At least we can concentrate on the league now……………………………………

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