Teams for Saturday 22nd June


Yorkshire League (1st XI)
League game vs. Castleford (away) on Saturday 22nd June at 12.00pm.
Meet at 9.45am.
1,  A Blakey  
2,  J Waterson  
3,  T Lister  
4,  S Guy (wkt)  
5,  N Gaywood  
6,  J Varley  
7,  T Moore  
8,  O Pearson  
9,  M Dixon (capt)  
10, L Shutt  
11, J Scholfield
Scorer: K Rodgers
Sth Riding League (2nd XI)
League game vs. Hallam (home) on Saturday 22nd June at 1.30pm.
Meet at 12.30pm.
1,  D Walton
2,  A Varley  
3,  B Rooke  
4,  J Rooke  
5,  A Simpson (capt)
6,  M Lee  
7,  J Udall (wkt)  
8,  J Meakin  
9,  J Lister  
10, R Shaw  
11, T Hancock  
Scorer: Ravi
Sth Riding League (3rd XI)
League game vs. Barnsley (home) on Saturday 22nd June at 1.30pm.
Meet at 12.30am.
1,  J Lomas (capt)
2,  J Pearson (wkt)  
3,  A Tyas  
4,  M Tyas  
5,  A Stevens  
6,  B Jones  
7,  D Priestley  
8,  H Liver  
9,  T Wellman  
10, L Brennan  
11, Z Ghazanfar  
Scorer: O Tyas

Yorkshire & Derbyshire T20 competition at Totley – players must be ON THE GROUND for 12.30pm

Squad – Hampshire, Webster, Naik, Winter, Hickman, Longley, Schofield, Parr. Langdale A,C, &M, Seal.

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