2nds undone at Shiregreen

The 2nd team travelled to Shiregreen on Saturday smarting from last week’s defeat at Rotherham. Michael Simpson lost the toss, and we were asked to field on a barren and open looking ground compared to previous years.

Kieran Dinnage and Robert Shaw opened the bowling, and Shiregreen got off to a flier. Neither bowled that badly, as Shiregreen promoted their number 11 from previous weeks to open the innings and he came off with a variety of unorthodox and orthodx shots to all parts of the ground. On another day, he could have been out early – but it wasn’t that day. It is fair to say both bowlers were not helped by some very average fielding, and although the outfield was not the best, think most people will tend to find the long barrier works on all grounds.

With the score around 80-0 off approx 12 overs, the captain turned to Mark Hickman and Mark Longley to address the issue. Both settled quickly, with both bowlers bowling unchanged for 30 overs with only 101 coming off the bat; a decent effort. Mark Longley was quickly into the wickets, as he took the first 3 with good assistance from Ajay Patankar, 112-0 became 136-3. Mark Hickman also contributed with 2 of his own, and SCCC were starting to get a foothold in the game.

However, the fielding continued to let down the bowlers and although Mark Longley completed a well deserved 5 fer, with the additional wickets falling to the returning Kieran Dinnage and Robert Shaw who got their deserved wickets in the end, Shiregreen’s total of 193 was 40 more than they should have got.

Tom Bartles (why does play cricket still call him a Junior?) and Angelo Joseph opened the batting, but with the pitch deterioating, both openers were out to balls that kept low; whether they should have been forward in anticipation of the low bounce is down to them to answer!

Ajay Patankar and Tom Lister were now at the crease, with Patanker continuing his early season form with a great array of shots. From what I have seen so far, he is a prime example of someone who has worked very hard at his game over the winter and is reaping the rewards – both behind the stumps and his batting (juniors take note). Tom Lister was looking assured until he didn’t get as forward as he could/should of, and he was adjudged leg before. Enter Michael Simpson; two 4’s and a 6, goodbye Michael Simpson, 92-4. James Meakin came in and looked impressive and resolute in defence, suporting Ajay Patankar impressively. Patankar brought up a well deserved 50, but went after drinks to a ball (one of the few) that leapt off a length and he was caught behind.

Meakin was also out shortly afterwards, bowled – presumably to one that kept low (I had an Arsene Wenger moment and didn’t see it). Matt Lee came to the crease, eager to impress after languishing in the third team for most of the season and he too looked in good form. He was well supported by Kieran Dinnage who hit some lusty blows as they put on 34 for the 7th wicket to take us to 137-6 with plenty of overs left. However, Dinnage was out and this sparked a collapse. Matt Lee, despite batting well throughout had a moment and was stumped when all he needed to do was to take singles, and although Mark Hickman hit some nice shots, the innings petered out with Mark Longley unable to repeat his heroics with the ball (lbw) and Hickman leaving a straight one to leave Collegiate stranded on 157 with 7.3 overs left. 37 off 45 balls.

This was a frustrating defeat; as it was a winnable game. We lost it for a few reasons:

– First 10 overs with the ball
– Fielding (gave them at least 30)
– Batting; not enough application

The pitch was the same for both sides, and although we argubaly got the worst of it batting second, it was not significantly so. That said, there would have been times in the past we would have collapsed and therefore there are definitely positives to come out of the game.


Note to readers: There have been no nicknames, no inappropriate uses of language/content within this match report; hopefully others will be as respectful when they write their match report. I’ll await with baited breath.

4 thoughts on “2nds undone at Shiregreen

  • 25th May 2011 at 6:05 am

    ‘no inappropriate uses of language/content within this match report’. er (eager to impress after languishing in the third team for most of the season)

    Some may consider the above inappropriate, especially those in the third team !!

  • 23rd May 2011 at 2:24 pm

    Please do. I think the vulgarity previously posted by Waif was Bully’s target.

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