Against All Odds………….

The stiffs travelled to 2nd place Darfield on Saturday with a very inexperienced side, with only Rooty above the age of 29! Surely defeat was inevitable. But as Steve Brookstein famously sung, against all odds, we returned back to our upper class suburbs with 7 points.

In came Bishop, Kaizer, Moroney, Stefan for Stewie, Newman, Street and Shaw – the last 2 on 3rd team duty as they “had” to win. Presumably our game was not a “must win” one then? Whilst I don’t want to take the shine off a fantastic victory (for both 2nds & 3rds) – hope this does not become a regular occurrence, bearing in mind that we are far from safe in the league.

Simmo won the toss and inserted Darfield on a green one. Keyser Soze the first to strike, getting their skipper caught behind. The second wicket not far behind for me, with number 3 (on his first ball & remembered for failing to walk at our place for middling one to AJ) left a straight one and was bowled. I was also the bowler who he did not walk from, therefore a parting shot was inevitable and enjoyed (by me).

Rooty replaced the impressive Soze and found the conditions to his liking. He accounted for number 4, caught well by Simmo at 2nd. The other opener had remained in however, and was hanging around annoyingly. He had one left off, dropped by Rooty at slip off me, however AJ made no mistake when I got one to bounce a bit more and that was gloved to him.

Rooty took another, caught again by AJ and we were well on top. Myself and Rooty bowled a tremendous spell in the middle of the game, 14 overs, 1-17. This played into our hands, and once I had bowled through, pie chucker Fielding came on and did what he does best. Bowled bad balls and took wickets, 3 of them. Is there any justice in the world? (Lemarr)

Rooty added one more to his tally, finishing with 3; and it was left to Woodhead (no bum fluff in sight) to run out number 11 with a fantastic bit of fielding – direct hit. 121 all out. Special mention to Matt “David Hasselhoff” Maroney who fielded excellently and Kaizer Soze who was also entertaining in the field but for very different reasons.

Lister and Harold Bishop (minus Madge) opened the innings, with the left handed one starting the innings with a wonderful 4 through extra cover. Lister was possessed, latching on to bad balls easily and looked v good. He did give 4 chances however, and he must remember that on another day, it could easily have been another 20 odd and out. Bishop was resolute in defence and although he could not see us through, departing on 80 odd for 25, his innings showed enough courage and technique to show he could be a good addition to the club.

Rooty came in and showed he was a bowler rather than a batter as he left a straight one, so it was left to captain Simmo to see us home with a couple of typical Simmo shots. Lister finished on an excellent 85*, highlight was a flat sweep shot for 6.

Great win, I was the first to admit in the changing rooms afterwards that I thought we would get hammered, so nice to eat humble pie – it tasted lovely. Not very often we have finished at 5.45pm being victorious! Doncaster at home next week, which is a must win one, and as first team can not win the league or go down, hopefully we can call upon Blade, McKenna & Rooty?

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  • 3rd August 2010 at 12:39 pm

    “hopefully we can call upon Blade, McKenna & Rooty?”

    They are playing in a must win game for the 4ths.

    Good to be reading you again.

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