Academy survival weekend…part 2!

Following a great win on the Saturday with youth celebrating long into the night with new found female company (hopefully not a sign of new priorities??), final home game against Warmsworth, who were pushing for promotion. On the main pitch was a nice end, but a damp wicket was not going to help anyone. Requiring just the 1 point for survival, the toss proved very important, but this is the where the day went…Simmo still as captain for the weekend tossed, and their vice-captain (captain not turned up yet) called correction, for the sixth time in a row this year! Surprisingly the chose to have a bowl.
Knowing now only a win of any description would do, team talk expressed this point, Lister and Straws took to the crease. A positive start from BP hitting an early 4, but the then trying 1 shot too many and getting bowled. The brown haired Walton in at 3, still a little worse for wear from the night before, but looked in good form again following on from Saturday. Score board starting to tick over, with Danny striking some clean boundaries, but then the famous Walton whip came out, and whipped it straight to the man at backward square. Still no panic with Saturday’s hero, muscles Josh Jones walking in, but he was unable to add to his weekend score, and feathered one to the keeper. Still no panic with Callis walking in, but finding it more difficult on the damp wicket, was unable to add many to the total. 4 down with not a big score on the board, captain Simmo into the middle, bit of chirp given on walk to the crease about not wearing a helmet, but was given a friendly full toss outside off to get off the mark with a boundary 1st up. Straws still staying strong, and battling 1 end, looking in no danger, a good prospect in the next few years…but can Muscles Josh lend him some of his arms for the time being?? Another boundary to Simmo off a short ball, with abuse from the bowler and the response of “I’m not wearing a helmet….cos you’re not Brett Lee”, went down well?! Straws battle finally ended with a top edge caught by the keeper, bringing Stuart Fiddler out to the middle. Their captain finally here, and waited his appropriate number of over’s, came on. 2 full bungers 1st up missed, followed by a good cherry, snicked to 1st slip, who still isn’t sure how he caught. Simmo gone, a lot of pressure on Fiddler, but he broadened his mind, and rose to the challenge, hitting the ball to all parts, making it look easy at time…some might say his bat was wider than average?! The lower order offered some support to Fiddler who finally fell for a very good 26ish. The 10th wicket came in the 41st over, only managing to post a score of 93.
Tea was had, unfortunately no surprises there for the last game, and next team talk was had with the only option to survive to bowl them out.
Hancock once again was on the money bowling good area and probing away on a drying but still damp wicket. Birthday boy Picko (just about sobered up from his unplanned party the night before), came in from the other end, some good deliveries too, but struggling with his footing on the wet, so length varied. T grinding away and finding the 1st break though caught Simmo at 2nd slip….repeat of Saturday! Both openers bowled their 5 allowed over’s, T with economical figures of 5 over 1 for 11. Onto the spinners, with an immediate slow down in runs further, Murrilister with decent flight, and Fiddler on his usual mark. Fiddler then set about the Warmsworth middle order, which didn’t look the top of the table batting line up, Fiddles in an excellent 12 over spell, getting 3 catches and stumping, to finish with figures like most weeks of 4 for 19. Having not played the away fixture, I was unaware of the disagreement that had taken place with their Aussie, but he seen received a barrage of abuse when he walked in, in particular from Danny Boy, the majority being about the ashes…he didn’t last long, and not the best over sea’s we’ll ever see. Their other opener kept grinding away, not looking to play any shots at all, apart from the nudge for 1’s, but still there was causing problems. Seeing fiddler cause problems and what had batted in the middle order, still optimistic, the young team battled very well….good signs for next year!! Things they got beyond us, when their captain came in and showed some great bottom hand skills (I can’t fault him), and struck 17 off 12 balls to take the game home for them. No win, no point, but a good fight by possibly 1 of the youngest men’s team ever fielded by collegiate, Simmo the oldest at 26, and 8 under 18!
Lessons to be learned this year, and looking how we played in the last few games, the guys seemed to have matured very well this year. I look forward to seeing you all back next year, and with the new training scheme of the elite squad with Nads…working on technique, tactics, mental strength and physical fitness, we will be expecting a lot more next season, don’t let us down!!
Quick thanks to Goldburg who agreed to play last min, after some confusion with the full 11!
Also thanks should be given to the seniors who played and support the younger members, particularly Jonesy for captaining it for of the year, Hamps at the start and helping it get going, and Priesters for making his comeback. Would have been a struggle even more so, and the guys seem to have learned a lot just watching you all…if only how they should make the most of it, because your body won’t always let you play 2 games in 1 weekend (or sometimes 2 in a month?!).
Cricket finished for this year, onto the collegiate football season, 1st game is on the 4th October, the Sunday after the end of season dinner, spectators more than welcome at De La Salle, kick off 11am. Or any players interested in a game please send me a text!

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