Squeaky bum time in the Mansfield

With 1 game to go we are top of the table by one point and our final game is against Staveley who have failed to raise a game on two occasions this season. We were actually one of the few teams to complete a game on a rain affected Bank Holiday Sunday.

We arrived at third place Frecheville with only 3 sunday morning changes (including tea maker) and one absent player (thanks to Andy Udall for transporting Jonny at last minute and Jonny for playing but Benjy are you still in Naps???????) Many hangovers and we only had 4 players over 18.

Won toss and batted with Bubbles and Lollipop (glossary later Sealy). Lollipop skied one early doors and didnt add much to his 569 Mansfield League aggregate. Much celebration from Frecheville boys as they had got their danger man. Enter Simmo “without licence” – does it make any difference? It is fair to say that he swished at every ball and by the third over there were 8 fielding on the fence and he simply hit it over the fence. In one over he hit the first ball out of the ground and went after the next five and didnt score a run. He was well caught for 40 and their relief was obvious. He was, of course, seeing several balls and not many of them were footballs.

Enter Hamish who prodded and sauntered with Bubbles. By this time the regular Mansfield spectators of the Root and Simpson family had arrived. Matt was heard to say that he had never heard a side give their own players so much stick as people shouted “run” , “hit it “etc. Bubbles played a great knock and passed 50 and then took the game to them. His instruction was to bat through but he got carried away and skied one for 87 ish – great knock for an under 15. In came Simmo the elder, chief sledger of own team. First ball he played and missed and Don Root led the Collegiate appeals. Simmo smote 20 odd, Hamish loosened up and got to 80 odd and just when the 4th wicket went down and Frecheville looked confident Tracksuit goes into bat. We end up 260 odd for 4. We lost 3 balls

Tea ok (total cost £21)

It is now drizzling and none of us know the rules

Open with Tracksuit bowling seam and Tom Headbanger. Lollipop drops opener ( good day so far for a Yorkshire League player). Headbanger bowls one, Tracksuit runs one out ( couldn’t hit stumps with his bowling) and they are behind in a big ask. Boredsword replaces Headbanger who is off after his 5 and Simmo the Younger bowls 5 overs replacing Tracksuit. wickets fall staedily as does drizzle. Lollipop comes on and snaps 2. We need wickets so we turn to Bubbles who ends up smacked all over and is in danger of breaking even for the day after two overs .

Then it gets difficult. After warning us twice and without a murmur from Frecheville who batted throughout in drizzle, with 7 overs to go and with Lollipop and Tracksuit bowling an over in 2 minutes the umpires went off! We stayed on the field and sat down. Groundsman apparently wouldn’t put covers on as it wasn’t raining hard enough! Words were said by spectators to the Simmo family and Nina was called a XXXX

After 15 minutes it began to rain harder and we went off.This is disaster as we are second in hte league and we need this win. It stops raining so out we go and umpires and Frecheville follow. It begins to drizzle.Lollipop gets another and they are seven down but hold out

Getting back out and that last catch boosted our points by 5 ( we think as its all a bit complicated) and with top of table being rained off we go one point ahead

Highlight was at 260 for 4 with one ball left we had Boredsword, Headbanger, Varley and Jonny all padded up thinking they might get abat with Tracksuit on strike?????????


Root W (Lollipop)
Callis (Bubbles)
Lister (Hamish)
Root J (Tracksuit)
Fielding (Boredsword)
Hancock ( Headbanger)

4 thoughts on “Squeaky bum time in the Mansfield

  • 1st September 2009 at 4:44 pm

    it is to me geoff 🙂

    be nice to have something to celebrate next sunday hey! come on boys!

  • 1st September 2009 at 3:09 pm

    we get bowled out for 38 on a saturday and we’re world beaters on a sunday??? is there no in-between?

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