Marvellous Losers – Cup Final report for Bully and other absent friends who were unable to make the long trip to Treeton

Not my words, but those of the Master of Ceremonies to describe our Cup Final performance.

Firstly congratulations to Simmo on an excellent job as Skipper in my absence. I see a future in that.

President’s Cup Final at Treeton. President leaves message on my answerphone. Confusion over start time. Well if we are aiming for a one o’clock start it is likely that the match will start then so no need to respond.

Rosssington also obviously aiming for same start time as their bus pulled up at the same time we arrived. Players in suits. Half the village in support, including the mandatory idiot. If they steal the stumps at tea in Rossington I suspect a field day was had last Sunday.

Excellent warm up amidst the flies! Apart from the cinder surface on the outfield and the flies the host club provided an excellent facility. Not much they could do about the flies and the surface to be fair. Well done to Treeton.

Toss won. We’ll have a bat.

Leiper out to a good nut second over after a Vaughanesque cover drive for four.

Lister and Walton took us to mid 50s before both departed. Tom in particular looked like he might win the game on his own at times.

Josh the Giant and the Optician then built a wonderful partnership before Simmo holed out attempted yet another straight six. A wonderful innings. If Simmo had been there at the end we may well have won. He was in such good striking form.

Josh exhibited an excellent technique combined with timing and placement and ended up 60 odd not out after a brief but excellent partnership with Ben Fielding, including two byes to the vociferous wicket keeper.

210 made for a comfortable tea break as did the Champions one nil victory over Brum.

Highlight for those who did not bat was noting messages on Johnny “Dobby” Udal’s facebook from Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and he who shall not be named.

Gut instinct to open with spin at one end. Good first overs from Shawsy and Tom Lister. The idea was to steal a march against opening batsmen who had struggled against spin the previous day and to use up a few overs to allow more flexibility with regard to bowling changes given the overs restrictions on the youth.

It almost worked and in the event Tom bowled his 9 overs on the run taking a wicket. The idea had been to use up three or four overs. Well done Tom.

The rest of us (with the exception of seventh bowler Walton and Picko) struggled to show our usual consistency. After Simmo snaffled an excellent catch at fly slip off my bowling (at that stage we were very much in the game) I proceeded to demonstrate that three weeks without a bowl is not ideal preparation for a cup final. Had I bowled a spell of 9 decent overs we would have won. Apologies boys.

Numbers three and four batted well for Rossington and took them to the brink of victory. Our fielding was on the whole excellent and should be even better this week after Thursday’s practice.

Picko and Danny each picked up a wicket. I can see Danny making a useful contribution with the ball in future years and Picko is showing much promise as his confidence grows.

Congratulations to Rossington who looked resplendent in their club shirts and caps.

Next time we play them we have to have a look at the remainder of their team as the top four all seem to bowl the overs. Take note boys.

A fine effort to make the final and an excellent experience for our young team. As it showed at the presentation ceremony people are starting to take note of our performances. I did think that Rossington might have merited a touch more praise but there we go.

Congratulations to Josh who was named Man of the Match. If he had been fit to bowl I believe we would have won but as with all our junior players there will be many more such occasions if progress is maintained. Alas, that for me is the end of the line in terms of Cup Finals. What a time to bowl like a drain and lose a senior cup final for the first time! The juniors on the other hand will be all the better for the experience.

Well done to all those involved in the cup run. You are a credit to the club. This was a marker of the progress made since the inspired decision was made to create an Academy side. Much credit must go not only to all the junior players who have represented the club but also to Hamps and Riaz for their guidance, coaching etc. Many others have contributed. You know who you are. Thanks for your efforts.

Many thanks to all those parents and club members who came to support us. Much appreciated. To those who didn’t, the loss was yours.

Thanks to Leips for scoring. At least you got a medal for your troubles!

Let’s keep on going and make sure we play to our potential right through to the end of the season.

Is that ok Bulk?

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