Dr Meshram troubles league leaders with magic last balls

Stocksbridge 2XI 121-9 (Meshram 4-27, Woodward 2-9)
Sheffield Collegiate 5XI 84 ao (Lacey 24, Woodward 23)

The 5’s hosted Stocksbridge 2’s on possibly the first day of sunshine for 2 weeks.
Ben won the toss and bowled, with bowling being without doubt our strongest suit.
Prash then helped out the first of the Stocksbridge, by giving the opening batsman some help with an injury problem.

Prash opened the bowling, and we took a wicket in our first over, Prash running out the opening batsmen. Jack Lister opened the bowling form the other end, and troubled the batsmen straight away with some good bowling.
Prash soon struck again, bowling the number 3 with a terrific delivery off the first magic last ball of the day. He then struck again, with the magic last ball of the next over. The batsman well caught behind by Matt Moroney.
Tom Newman followed Jack Lister and bowled well, before coming off injured after a ball hit back over his head nearly tore his hand off. Ben Shaw finished the over off tightly. Prash then finished off his first, devestating, spell of bowling.
Two changes of bowling brought about a wicket. Will Lacey replaced Neman/Shaw, before Stafan Woodward replaced Prash at the other end for the following over.
Stefan struck with immediate effect. His first ball, a filthy bouncer was top edged high into the air, and was well caught by Garse. He almost had two in two, his 2nd ball, another bouncer, falling just short of Lacey at gully, who dived at full stretch, only to receive the ball to the jaw. Lacey then struck in the penultimate over before drinks, the opening batsmen edging to slip, where it was well caught by Pete Lister. Woodward then followed it up by taking another wicket in the 2nd over after drinks, with another magic last ball!! The batsmen dragging back onto his stumps. This left Stocksbridge 63-6, but with the two experienced Harris brothers at the crease.
These 2 stuck around for around 19 overs, frustrating the fielding side on a hot day, namely two people, Ben ‘angry’ Shaw, and Lacey having a conflict of views. Prash and Newman both came back on, but the batsmen went after Newman, so Lister came back on for a second spell.
Prash struck finally,with another beauty of a last ball, bowling the batsman, this follwed with a wicket for Lister, a short ball pulled straight to Newman at mid-on. Prash then struck again, bowling the number 10. This left us with 4 overs to take the last wicket. The number 11 stuck around well, as Prash finished up t one end, and Lister finished his spell at the other end, leaving one spare over for Lacey to finish off. Stocksbridge finishing on 121-9.

Meshram 17 5 27 4
Lister 8 0 23 1
Newman 6.1 0 31 0
Shaw 0.3 0 3 0
Lacey 9 2 21 1
Woodward 6 3 9 2

After tea, and after Prash had helped out the opening bowler with an injury, Lacey and Lister senior opened the batting. Lacey started nervously, but Lister was first to go, caught at slip for 2, 5-1. Lister junior was next to, run out by Lacey for 1, 9-2. Lacey and Brennan then stuck around, with Lacey starting to settle down and play some shots. Lacey was next to go, driving too early, and chipping up to deepish extra-cover for 24, which started a collapse, Brennan LBW playing across the line for 9,Conor Shelley LBW for 1 and Moroney bowled by a jaffa, coming a long way back down the slope for 0, 43-6.
Shaw and Woodward stuck around a while, before Shaw was well caught at Mid-wicket for 9, followed by Meshram, caught just as well at mid-wicket. Garse then came in and hung around well, taking us past 50% and 60% for extra points, with Woodward playing some good shots. Garse was eventually bowled for 4, which brought Newman to the crease. He scored 3, before in an attempt to run a 2, Woodward ran the first run short, and was run out coming back for the second. All out for 84, just short of an extra point.

Hundall away next week, missing a few due to holidays, GOOD LUCK LADS!!

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  • 12th August 2009 at 9:29 pm

    Lacey forgot to mention that I sorted out injuries from our team as well (Tom), don’t want to be blamed for strengthening opposition!

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