The long goodbye

As most of you probably already know, after 11 (sometimes) glorious years as the youngest AND fittest player at Collegiate and 5 serving on the committee, I have completed my ‘time’ and have been allowed to move back over to the correct side of the Pennines.

By way of a small celebration of my time here I’d like to have a few drinks with as many of you, my fellow members, as possible. My last game for the club will be on the 15th August and I’m proposing a few drinks at Abbeydale after the game. This will inevitably be followed by a brief trip to Champs.
I can’t promise that Jonesy will spill a full bottle of wine and blame it on the waitress or that I’ll gouge Jim Tasker’s eye out and make him cry; but I will spend a while telling the yoof about September 2000 😉

Unfortunately the plan to hire a coach for the trip to Champs has been scuppered when the driver heard mention of the name Gaywood. Apparently his coach still smells 10 years on!

Hope to see you all there

2 thoughts on “The long goodbye

  • 5th August 2009 at 11:05 pm

    I am at Phil Clarke’s benefit game at Bradfield Wyles, where I am speaking till late, but if I have the chance will come for a drink as will be happy to hear your stories.

    Shaz and Nads will be coming to pass on their best.

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