Revenge of The Wath

Football, Rugby, Fielding and Pyramids. A fine mixture of training methods on Thursday. Friday night and it looked like Breaststroke, rowing and canoeing would have been better preparation.

Cue one or two more wines than usual.

Saturday morning. Cracking the flags. Typical!

Meet at the Dale. Lime and soda. No Harry. Hello Harry where are you? Nobody told me I was playing. Get yourself down here sharpish Harry. This is not Sheffield Wednesday. Look at the website for details of selection. Fair play to Harry, arrived within ten minutes.

Priesters, Greavesy and Optician going direct. Rest in convoy following Hamps. Lord knows how we will find the away grounds in his forthcoming absence on annual leave!

The ground which was closed for flooding two summers ago only slightly damp due to pump on far side. Second ground this season to have recovered remarkably well from the floods of 2007. Run ups damp but rest fine.

Warm up for team. Teamsheet for Skipper. No Priesters. On mobile. Priesters, where are you? We are at home aren’t we? NO!!! It’s o.k I’m in the car park. Skipper stuffed!

Toss lost. For once we would have bowled first. Shades courtesy of the optician. Pot of tea.

Callis gone early. Lister L.B.W. Cookie conceded post match that it wouldn’t have hit another set and he bowled it!

Life on Mars style trip back in time. Hamps and Priesters take the score to 129 from 36 before Priesters inexplicably gets the nervous 49s and is bowled wiping across a straight one from Elton (see match report for earlier fixture).

Steady departures, 4 to Elton. 12 against us for Elton for the season. Bowl us a piano Elton, see if we can play that! 170 for 7 at the close. 30 short if we had bowled well. We did not. Hamps again top scored with a majestic 57. In his absence others have to step up to the plate and put runs on the board.

Worrying site of Picko sitting on Liver’s knee during our innings. Also worrying is the number of i phones on show. What’s up with pay as you go?

Excellent innings from Wood in making 112 (please don’t shake the batsmen’s hand when he gets 100 in future boys- after the match will do). Better still don’t let an opponent make a century. We did not test his limitations by bowling 5 let alone 6 balls an over in the right area. The wicket got easier but we played liked a third team rather than an Academy side in the field for probably only the second time this season.

Credit to Picko and Harry for picking up three late wickets by, you’ve guessed it, bowling the ball regularly in the right area. More energy in the field next time boys please.

One not to dwell on. On a bright note we had 6 juniors to Wath’s one, Elton. Mind you it is a sign of the times that a Wath side had the only double-barreled surname in a game against Collegiate!

At least England had established a position of strength at Lord’s.

Roll on Tickhill and a game on the hallowed turf of the main pitch on Sunday. If only!

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