The Return of The Saint

Excellent practice on Thursday. Out in the middle until gone 9. Thanks Blade, Ri and Crofty. You guys can take some of the credit for the seven well earned points achieved by the Academy on Saturday. Some but not all. Read on.

On an overcast, humid day at Warmsworth the Academy gave a performance which demonstrated exactly why the club is investing so much time and effort in encouraging junior cricket.

The starting eleven was slightly older than previous weeks and probably reflected exactly what Hamps and I would regard as the ideal mix of youth and experience. That said, the younger guys who have featured this season have all acquitted themselves marvelously well and their time will come again. Probably sooner rather than later as five of the team which started at Warmsworth are unavailable this week!

The first communication breakdown this week saw Jack Lister travel expecting to play only to be handed the scorebook!! Apologies Jack. I am told you took out your anger in the Mansfield side. Well done. Not so well done for beating the Skipper’s county in the week!!

The second communication disaster saw the Skipper driving the 7 seater to ensure the team managed to get to Warmsworth, the only problem being that his kit was in his car in Leeds! Still I did have cast off boots from Jacques Kallis and the bear minimum in terms of whites.

Interesting tour of South Yorkshire cricket venues on the way taking in Wickersley and Clifton Lane before sat nav engaged!

Rousing speech from Hamps pre match reminding everybody that they were in the changing room because we believe they are future Yorkshire League cricketers. Winston Churchill had nothing on Hamps.

Good warm up. Toss won. We’ll bat.

T run out without facing attempting a two which Usain Bolt would have considered risky. T being T was able to take the positive out of his dismissal. “At least I didn’t get out to a loose shot!” Homework is to name the Villa side which won the European Cup.

Tom Lister joined Danny Walton, who was rescued mid week from the retirement home for disgruntled cricketers. Together they took the score to 25 before Tom was bowled by a good ‘un.

There then followed a partnership of the highest quality between Hamps and the Ginger Prince. Patience combined with the ability to punish the bad ball on an excellent cricket wicket saw the score rise to 108 for 2 before Hamps perished for 54.

Greavesy joined Danny. Both were subjected to a good deal of chirping which shows how much the opposition rated the pair of them. The battle between the Warmsworth skipper ( a good player) and Greavesy was, for me, one of the highlights of the day. Rob played with a freedom which Zabe would have appreciated.

Danny fell at 142 and despite Bondy and Johnny falling for single figures, a combination of good stroke play, hard running and common sense saw us reach 189 for 7 with 2 overs to go. The opposition began to fall out with each other and their fielding towards the end was poor.

A silly shot from the Skipper triggered a collapse. All out gifting the opposition an over which may have proved costly.

At 80 for none Warmsworth were well placed despite tight bowling from The Saint, Shawsy and T. The fielding was tight and we ensured that the run rate was always in the region of four an over.

T strangled the senior player of the opening pair, well caught down leg side by Johnny.

By this stage “Deadly” Fielding was settling in to an exceptional line and length which built the pressure on the batsmen. The younger opener who played the seamers well looked as though he didn’t know where his next run was coming from.

Enter the number three. An Aussie who didn’t seem to appreciate the atmosphere generated by an enthusiastic fielding side. Nothing which could be described as sledging just encouragement for the bowlers. It’s a good job he didn’t play against the Skipper ten years ago!

Deadly removed the opener LBW followed by the number 4 first ball. Apparently he was on route to work!

Harry Liver on debut, having asked if he should be nervous, showed exactly why he should not have been. Excellent line and movement. 5 overs 1 for 10. Well done “Bird”. Just remember you are banned from playing right wing for Collegiate against De La Salle! You have been warned!

102 for 1 became 109 for 7 as the pressure told on the Aussie who hit one up a chimney. “Keepers” shouted Johnny and utilising the Australian style of catching (very fitting) made no mistake despite the batsmen walking off right across his path. Well done little fellow. He followed this up with an excellent catch of Deadly to dismiss the dangerous number 9 who together with his skipper had taken the score to 143.

At the other end Greavesy bowled an excellent, quick spell to restrict the scoring and take two wickets. Good to see him back smiling and playing well. Enjoy Magaluf and we’ll see you in two weeks. Don’t do anything that your replacement Richard Tasker wouldn’t do! Does that leave anything?

3 overs to go, Deadly bowled out. No choice but to have a go myself. 30 odd needed. 2 first ball, one next. Four leg byes off the belly next ball. Two dots and a kiss of the off stump. Over to you Saint.

Single first ball followed by 5 dots to end an excellent comeback spell from The Saint.

24 needed off the last over. Scatter boys. Two dots. Come on in boys the waters warm. I think this upset the opposition Skipper who heaved and missed. Off pole removed. 7 points.

An excellent performance all round. If we post scores and bowl and field as we have done all season we will win more than we lose. We beat a first eleven side who are pushing for promotion by 23 runs. Keep up the good work.

Thanks to Julie Lister for assisiting with scoring.

Beers, cokes and lemonades all round. Pack or two of crisps. We know how to celebrate. Record number of showers taken.

T and Johnny on Duke of Edinburgh. I prefer the Royle Family myself.

Hamps working, Saint in Spain and Bond fulfilling the busiest social calender outside the “A” list!

Gents, this and the performance of the junior members in the first eleven and the other teams over the weekend is what it is all about. More of the same please.

Nets Thursday.

One Happy Skipper.

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  • 29th June 2009 at 9:29 pm

    Great report Jonesy. When Hamps said “we” believe we can be Yorkshire League cricketers was he eyeing a promotion? Would anyone put it past him?! Well played fellas! I saw a lot of juniors in the 4th team bat and bowl very well as well and as you point out….that’s what it is all about!

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