SCCC U17’s V Whiston PC U17’s

SCCC U17’s V Whiston PC U 17’s

Whiston 107 for 1

SCCC 104 for 7

A thrilling finish to the match this Tuesday, on what appeared to be a very lively pitch the Whiston team put up a score of 107 for 1. Only one wicket taken but nearly half the total overs only giving a maximum of 4 runs per over, left what seemed an achievable total.

Possibly the pick of the bowling being M Cork with 4-0-12-0, Whiston opener Taylor stroked the ball around the ground and had 6 four’s in his unbeaten 51.

With the sun going down on me, we started to bat a good start from Josh Jones hitting 21 before playing around a straight one, this was a pity as Josh had hit 5 fours in his 21 and was looking on form. Whiston bowled tight and Josh Varley was having difficulty getting the ball away, and succumbed on 1 with the score on 29.

So we had a new pair at the crease Tom Hancock and Elliot Winter, Tom had little time to settle in and was judged LBW to a ball which seemed to be well over stump height ( very harsh decision). Chris Pickford to the crease and we started to move the ball around the ground, Elliot pushing for quick singles and Chris taking the aerial route, that six which landed in the pavilion was mighty close.

Elliot was run out just as he was showing how easy this game can be, so with the score on 73 with 5 overs to go it was 35 runs needed of 30 balls nearly a run a ball. But this is were my song title comes in, with a setting sun the batsmen were peering directly into the sun to try and see the ball.

Good move by Picko to call for a drink and see if he could delay his return to the stumps till the sun moved out of his eyes. We had already lost Ben Woodhead caught and Will Lacey bowled saying he never saw it!!!

The final over we needed 8 of the remaining 5 balls but could not get the ball away. On reflection a slow start did us in the end, Riaz watched us twice we lost twice? I think I have a cunning plan!!!!!!!! No it’s not sunglass.

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