Sunday Massive top at half-way point

Important game against third place Frecheville. Mansfield Massive 191-2, Frecheville 148-9.

Billy Root was third oldest in the side after Layer, OBE and bar, and Root the elder both dropped. We won toss, batted on main square. Great enjoyment for me, first game on main square for the best part of two years. I understand we were to have been on the top as the under 9s take precedence, but as their game was off we got the main square. Can this be right? Is this club policy?

Billy and Jaques got us off to a steady start and both compiled 50s. We only lost Billy and my namesake all afternoon (despite putting up plenty of catches) to end on about 191-2 from our 40. Probably should have had a few more, need to work on the running a little, reading the game situation more. And a declaration would have been useful.

Layer notable spectator. Allowed out walk dog. This involved the dog staying in the car and Geoff walking up to players’ balcony. He is unhappy about the state of match reports which are now humourless affairs complained about by those who never write any.

Scones OK.

Angry enjoyed the pavilion end, as always. The run ups are great. Got one early and then after 4 over told “one more” by Crofty. One double wicket maiden later and figures of 3-7 from 5 told “good spell”. Very odd. We then leaked runs at 6 an over for a while before hauling it back. Fourth for Angry and then Crofty picked up 4 to leave us 6 overs at the last pair. No joy, Frecheville ended up 9 down but we got plenty of points. We needed to bowl fewer 4-balls.

Fielding was good, plenty of chasing, and good attitude on pitch I think. Early home as nobody old enough to drink.

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  • 22nd June 2009 at 3:42 pm

    Well done guys but who bowled 4 overs at number 11. Don’t tell me it was crofty again

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