Academy melted by the heat of the Furniss

Following a week of selection politics and a day trip to Rome it was pleasing to wake to glorious sunshine on Saturday. It was even more pleasing to be greeted by a green outfield.

The ground duly passed an inspection from Umpire Bentham who could not see what all the fuss had been about. Credit to Crofty and his gang of willing volunteers for producing an excellent cricket wicket.

Interesting chat about the virtues of junior cricket with Mr Bentham. It is good to know that the league is as committed to junior cricket as we are.

Toss lost. In the field. Sunscreen all round. No Johnny, no scoreboard, no scorer. Thanks to the mascot for not only collecting the scoreboard from the bottom pavilion but also graduating to scorer. Thanks also to the Coal Aston scorer who helped Sharook on his debut.

Following on from last week we witnessed an excellent opening spell from Shawsy and Zabe, the latter bowling his spell of 7 overs at a cost of only 7 runs. They do look a good partnership.

Josh and the Chairman also bowled tightly and at drinks Coal Aston had progressed at around 2 an over. We bowled over 20 overs in the first hour which was a tremendous effort in the heat.

The fielding was tight and for a young team the level of concentration was impressive.

Skipper enters the attack and takes two quick wickets. Good hands Simmo.

We lost our way towards the end of the innings despite a good spell from Ollie at a difficult time in the game. Still it was an excellent chance for Zabe and Josh to learn how to bowl at the end of an innings against a very good batsman in Horsfield. He certainly looked capable of playing up a level or two.

Unfortunately, Priesters pulled up in the field whcih meant he had to drop down the order. We were obliged to Colty who covered some yards in the outfield and was faultless with his handling.

All in all a good display on a flat track in the heat. We have performed to a high level all season in the field with only 4 chances or thereabouts going down. Let’s keep this up and better it.

We can perhaps work on saving twos in the outfield but the running between the wickets was a lesson in how to pressurise the fielding side.

No seat for the skipper at tea. I didn’t intetionally lose the toss on the hottest day of the season guys!

We didn’t bat well against a decent attack (Furniss 8 for 27) and a competitive fielding side. Priesters on one leg showed how we must apply ourselves as did Elliot Winter on debut.

72 all out. Much work to do on the batting front and we must support the batsmen from the pavilion as a team as we do the bowlers when we are all out in the field.

Still we had a very young side out save for the three veterans and the optician. A good drink in the changing rooms post match. There is much to be learned from listening to us old guys for you younger chaps. Well certainly during the first two beers!20 budweisers between 4 was a bit ambitious Simmo.

Any chance of fixing the showers this week?

Trying to select a side for the cup trip to Barnsley post Budweiser proved interesting. Tom Lister showed leadership skills and we did have 9 when Barnsley blinked first and rang to cry off. We’re in the Quarter Finals now you know!

We have a few of the senior juniors available next week and some of the younger guys may be playing in the fourths which will give them more of a chance to put in to action the things learned during what has been a promising start to the campaign. I have been impressed with the work ethic and attitude and can only encourage the young guys to keep up the hard work and keep listening.

The Skipper.

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