5ths hammered by Hundall

Hundall CC 37-3

A poor day nearly all round for the 5ths today. Off to a poor start with a vote for whether to bat or bowl first i we won toss ending as a draw.
We lost toss and were inserted.
Lacey and P.Lister opened. Lacey when first to what was, he thought, a questionable LWB decision for 2. Picko followed, bowled for 5 after some nice shots.Next came the collapse, J.Udall bowled for 0, Rushworth bowled for 0, Lister LBW for 9, Sides bowled for 0, Woodward caught behind for 0, then Shaw caught at Mid-on for 0. We had gone from being 13-1 to being 14-8.
Garse was then caught at Mid-on, off a no-ball, before being bowled for 1.

16-9 with A.Udall and K.Simpson at the crease. Keith hit the odd run off the edge, but it was Andy who guided us to anywhere near looking at a respectable score, with a good 9, before Keith was bowled for 3.

A quick tea, then time to have a go at getting some points.
We needed 3 wickets for 1point.
Stefan Woodward and Keith Simpson opened the bowling, and Keith was first to strike, J.Udall taking the catch at square-leg, 2-1. A few more overs then Stefan caused Garse’s prediction on 2 wickets in an over to come true. Bowling numbers 3 and
Lacey bowled the next over, going for 6 in total, leaving the scores level, before Hundall won it with a fairly large 6 over the fence and onto the road off of Stefan’s next over.

No league game next week, perhaps we’re a cup side, we’ll see.

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