I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues for Elton and Co as Captain and the Kid(s) beat Wath

The tale of our first victory of the season begins last Sunday morning when my mobile rang at 9a.m! Could I ring Jim Beachill urgently. Surely I couldn’t be in trouble this early in the season! Just checking the match is at Abbeydale next week. Confirmed.

If only someone had told the umpires! 22 players on the top pitch at the Dale, 2 umpires at Wath! Presumably the league will be fining itself! Full marks to Mr Phelan who secured a mobile number for Umpire Kettleborough who was already at Beauchief when I rang him.

The other Umpire Kettleborough resisted what must have been a very tempting offer to spend his day off doing square leg at both ends.

Start delayed by ten minutes. Umpire Rigby arrived ten minutes later. Full marks to both umpires in trying circumstances.

Have a bowl if you win the toss was Crofty’s take on the deck. Lost the toss for the eighth time in a row. Must delegate this task next week. In we go on a sporting deck.

Simmo perished early cue the return of the Listerman. T and T batted well against a good attack led by former Yorkshire League and Bradford League winner Andy Cutts. Whilst T made only 8 he played well on a lively track and helped see off the opening attack.

Matt Lee making his first start of the season departed for 10. In came Slacky still hoping that Newcastle beat Middlesborough this weekend, notwithstanding the fact that regular updates from the Middlesborough United game were being relayed to the Skipper. Maybe next week Slacky!

Despite a non too well disguised campaign to run our his partner Slacky and Tom took us to close on 100 before Tom holed out for 49. The outstanding innings of the match and the difference between the teams. A fine effort post surgery. See it through to the end though next time please Tom.

The last 15 overs or so fizzled out, two more players caught going aerial despite the Skipper’s instructions to keep the ball on the gobi! Slacky and I nurdled at a run a ball and hopefully the boys have taken note. Singles win one day games.

134 all out. Elton’s left arm spin accounted for 8 of us. Well bowled but we need to work out a game plan against spin. “Bowl him a piano Elton, see if he can play that!”

Strong words pre tea regarding concentration.

Tea fine.

Strong words pre second half re hitting the right areas on a regular basis. Full marks to Josh, Rob Shaw and T who worked hard on Thursday and this showed as Josh and Rob upped their game. Josh a little carried away with the short ball. “Did he pitch one in my half” asked the opener before nicking off!

Rob cleaned up the other opener with a swinging yorker. That will do nicely at this level.

It is coming to something when only five of us are old enough to go under the lid. Thankfully Simmo volunteered to replace me after a couple of overs.

Enter the Skipper under instructions from Mrs J to show the young ones the way. Wicket second ball. Fair play to the batter for walking. Saved the Skipper from an early disciplinary hearing!

A tight spell from Zabe and the Skipper reduced Wath to 55 for 6 before Andy Bell on his 40th birthday put on 30 for the seventh wicket with the the opening bowler. Full marks to the lads for sticking at it. Particularly Johnny who was not fazed by the number 8 threatening to stick his bat where the sun don’t shine. Thanks to Belly for telling his partner to button it.

Zabe plugged away and the edge found its way to the Skipper at slip for a second time.

Tom Lister enters the attack turning it square and snaffles the number 9 to bring Elton in hoping that the sun didn’t go down on him.

Josh replaced Zabe and managed to persuade Belly in to a pull which went up the proverbial chimney. Yours Johnny. No yours Jonesy. Hat trick.

Beeps with an arm ball accounted for Elton. Crocodile Rock.

A fantastic effort in the field. Bodies behind the ball. Bowlers encouraged. Bowlers hitting good areas regularly and catches taken. 9 out of 11 at nets last week. The hard work paid off. 11 this week please.

I guess it’s gonna be a long long time “til the legs work again.

Thank you team the wine tasted good last night. Soured just now by a clearly off side goal being allowed at Anfailed.

Thanks to Eleanor for scoring.

The off field tasks ran smoother this week. We can still improve both on and off the field but we are heading in the right direction.

The Skipper. Delighted. Keep me that way boys.

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  • 3rd May 2009 at 9:38 pm

    Thought I was playing at Grindleford and Leips Junior is in Newcastle. Some arm ball, that! Seriously, well played lads.

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