Winning streak comes to an end for the 3rds

S.C.C.C. 120 a.o. (K Javed 47) Whiston Parish 121 for 6

Looking to build on last weeks victory the 3rds went to Whiston without Sir Alan and with a quite differnt line up. DJ took over skippering duties and predictably lost the toss and we were inserted on the hottest day of the year.

Leips Jnr and Khurum opened up and Leips looked untroubled for 3 balls before getting a goodun and seeing all his stumps all over the place. Tasker got a goodun that did something completely different (bowled) and then Sloppy went the same way! 3 wickets in 3 balls for their SA and at the end of the over the scoreboard read 0 for 3 with one opener yet to face a ball. An unbelievable first over with 5 on the stumps at full pace, basically cheating but we were stunned to say the least. Matt Lee (U15) went in to try and steady the ship and with Khurum showed some strong defiance and no little amount of bravery against comfortably the fastest bowling attack in the league. Just as they were starting to look comfortable Matt was LBW to the other opener (who bowled a great 15 over spell up the hill in more than 25 degrees). He was immediately followed by Leiper Snr who became the 3rd golden duck of the innings with a wavy shot outside off stick. Khurum was still plugging away but Dillon and Zabe were undone by the pace of the SA. Leips and Sloppy began to sizzle on the boundary as Rambo provided a bit of resistance, adding 13 and taking the total up to 63 before becoming the 2nd LBW victim. Colgate had said that he didn’t want to bat…wrong team to play for mate! Went in at 10 and despite a dodgy shoulder gritted it out and with Khurum took advantage ofsome fairly average spin bowling while their quickies took a breather. They added 36 before Khurum was finally out in the 37th over, the 6th bowled victim of their SA. Looking to push it on with DJ, Shakey chased a wide one and snicked behind to the keeper who took an spectacular catch in front of 2nd slip. The SA finished with 7 for 37 off 14 overs

Tea was lovely. A nice salad and some lovely homemade pudding…absolute winner on such a hot day

With 120 on the board we knew it would almost certainly be tough and it didn’t get any easier as they took control of the first over, just as in their innings. Rambo struggled with his radar and where we had been 0 for 3 they were 10 for 0. Dillon bowled beautifully and was unlucky to not pick up both openers LBW. Tasker dropped a tough chance at 2nd…didn’t feel like it was going to be our day. However, Dillon kept plugging away and found the edge again, Shakey with the catch. The no. 3 chopped on off rambo before Dillon bowled the other opener with a HOWGE inducker. 26 for 3 and we were well in the mix. However, both Rambo and Dillon bowled a few too many four-balls towards the end of their spells as the SA and the no 5 got stuck in. Tasker got the breakthrough with an “effort ball” before Zabe tempted the SA into snicking behind. At 90 for 5 with the top 5 all back in the hutch we were still in with a chance of winning a game that we had looked out of after the first 6 balls. Unfortunately, the next 20 or so runs came in edges and mishits over the infield, and we were getting frustrated. Leips gave their no. 6 some genuine praise which sparked an interesting period of play as the umpire said Leips and Shakey were firing “aquasations” at the batsman. The batsman then got excited and started waving his bat around and it all got a bit exciting. In truth, there had been nothing but very average needle and had the umpire stayed out of it nothing would have come of it. Either way, the LBW shouts (which hadn’t felt likely to produce a dismissal before this incident ) were now completely futile and even though the no. 6 edged behind a few overs later off Task the game was over and done with and they got home with four wickets to spare.

Although it was obviously a dissappointing loss DJ rightly pointed that there were plenty og positives to take from this game. Not least the great bowling of the younger players coming up the hill who bowled good areas and got a plenty of movement. We are starting to consistantly get through the top 4 batsmen of these teams, and in this league there often isn’t much to come after that. Khurum’s innings also showed that we are often only coming up against one really quality bowler, and had a few more of the top order been able to stick around with him and got us up towards 160 we would have been well in the game.

Definitions of aquasations on postcard please!

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