Tail Of Two Longers In Steel City Derby

SCCC 229-9 Turnball 56* Gaywood 46 Fletcher 4-60ish
SUCC 209 AO Longhirst 85 Khan 5-56 Waif 2fer

The derby game provided a excellant game of cricket at Abbeydale. With the much liked and very very popular captain not playing, the troops were led by Rooty.

Toss won and batted. The smiling asassin came down the hill and hooped it all over the place. 9-1 and Blade and Shakey put on a good partnership. Shakey was bowled by TSA. Blade clothed one. Rooty was harshly given out. Macca making a welcome return put on a recovery with Pistol Pete.

Weapon came in at 7 and hit a couple of big 6s and made a valuable 30 odd. The tail wagged a little. With Waif treading water at the death. A competitive score. With the Smiling Asassin bowling only 162 balls again.

The reply got off slowly two early wickets put the visitors on the back foot. Including a dreadful runout with longers first ball faced.

There was a bit of chat about Longers having to get a 100 and he nearly did. Played extremely well. Nads had Hirsty in knots. But a 4th wicket partnership brought United back into the game.

Nads got the vital wicket of Longers. The skys greyed and an enforced bowling change meant Waif entered the attack.

His second delivery in YL cricket had the batsman walzing and missing and a simple stumping. This gave Nads a kick up the rear. Both then cleaned up the lower order. Waif with an lbw. He then decided not to take a caught and bowled hit his wrist and the non striker was run out by a yard. Nads had an lbw and bamboozled the last two who danced and whoosh and the keeper left to run them out.

A good 8 points Waif magnificant.

One thought on “Tail Of Two Longers In Steel City Derby

  • 8th June 2008 at 9:03 pm

    Great result lads – I leave the team, you go on a decent run. I go into seconds (who were on a good run), and not won a game.

    The cynics may think it is me who is the problem! The Recreational Ground at Dronfield Woodhouse may be calling me…….

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