Fourth Team suffer defeat against Holmesfield Firsts.

In discussion with Sir Alan as the game was drawing, painfully from a Collegiate perspective, to its conclusion, a few suggestions were mooted as to our downfall against Holmesfield. Someone suggested poor bowling, batsmen getting in then getting themselves out. The list is endless and reasoned self examination is of course never pointless. However, it was Sir Alan himself that offered the reason for our decline as the title on this report. However much you agree or disagree you have to take his point, for as results filtered in from other venues around the turfs of Yorkshire t’was a less than happy conclusion for the men representing the maroon, blue and gold of the Collegiate. Injuries, absence and defection will make this a difficult season or even couple of seasons for the club as a whole not just one team. However this had provided an opportunity for the young and promising to shine and be guided into making the club successful again.
Forgive me if the scores are in some way inaccurate but Holmesfield hadn’t posted their result by Sunday evening. Holmesfield 242/ 6, SCCC IV’s 120 All Out. Things started well with Angry grabbing a couple, Prash got a bit better after a wayward start. Holmesfield’s Ward and No.4 put a good partnership together and once the more attacking No.4 had perished Ward was supported well by the middle order as a run chase commenced on what is a beautifully picturesque but very small ground suited to Holmesfields hard hitters. All bowlers were hit out of the ground at some point but the pick of the bowlers was young Monica / Flat Jack Callis who settled in bowling a well flighted spell of genuine leg-spin. Ray Right kept well on debut with very few rong decisions.
In reply we started well after tea. Davey and Layer putting on 40 odd for the first wicket. A rush of blood from Davey and a…..decision against Mr Layer brought in Leiper (118) and Hamps. Again both got starts and both got out. A flurry of quick wickets followed with only perhaps Callis, Ibbo and Angry showing much resolve latterly in an uphill battle against the scoreboard and then time.The season promises to bring difficult moments but there will be ups too starting next week.

An estimation of what Fines committee was like:
Davey – failure to attend fines and dropping a catch denying young Callis his first ever senior wicket.
Callis – trying to run out the Captain, dropping a catch off Davey and gaining detention back at school.
Angry – Parking at Abbeydale at Left arm over angle.
Lobber – He turned up after an early finish at Abbeyale and fined himself before departure for attending the Ballet the previous evening.
Layer – Driving slower than he runs between the wickets.
Sealy – failure to score.
Lacey – failre to have a haircut.
Langdale Snr – Standard Langdale £40.

Please add as I wasn’t there – close with any Angry?

2 thoughts on “Fourth Team suffer defeat against Holmesfield Firsts.

  • 13th May 2008 at 7:28 am

    Sorry Davey, the commute from Melbourne is a bit much for me. Still keeping a keen eye on the side’s progress. Best of luck for the rest of the season.

  • 12th May 2008 at 8:42 am

    having read angrys report, i’m confused. Were you actually there ian?

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