Teams for 8 September

Here are the teams for the weekend of 8-9 September 2007. I only received the information today at work, where I have carefully left it, so apologies for any omissions, including the space in the 1st XI

Yorkshire League

League game vs. York (Away) on Saturday 8 September at 12.00midday. Meet at Abbeydale at 9.15am.

  1. J Root
  2. A Patmore (wkt)
  3. R Moyser
  4. M Simpson
  5. C Colegate
  6. T Bartles
  7. N Khan
  8. B Fielding
  9. M Dixon
  10. L Faraz

Scorer: Danny Mines

Sth Riding League

League game vs. Barnsley II (Home) on Saturday 25 August at 12.30pm. Meet at 11.30am.

  1. C Stewart
  2. A Simpson
  3. D Walton
  4. R Tasker
  5. M Butler
  6. D Belfitt (wkt)
  7. T Lister
  8. M Hickman
  9. E McKenna
  10. M Longley
  11. M Ellis

Scorer: Gill Morgan

Sth Riding League

League game vs. Dodworth (Away) on Saturday 25 August at 1.00pm. Meet at Abbeydale at 11.15am.


  1. A Hampshire
  2. O Nauhaus
  3. T Miller
  4. J Pitcher (wkt)
  5. R Ibbotson
  6. B Watson
  7. A Staley
  8. D Revill
  9. T Hancock
  10. J Colton
  11. T Warburton
  12. J Varley
  13. J Jones
  14. E Croft

Scorer: J Udall

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  • 6th September 2007 at 8:51 pm

    Just remembered that I have missed A Langdale and C Langdale fronm the ever-expanding list of those on the 3rd XI list who will probably play somewhere this Saturday

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