Kindergarten Come Up Trumps Again

The Children entertained Coal Aston at Abbeydale and the youngstersdid another fantastic job along with papa Ellis..

SCCC 177ao Captain 60 Oscar 47
Coal Aston 140-7 J Varley 2-20ish

Oscar took the juniors and Marko for a warm up whilst I pretended to do clerical and sort some stuff out.

Won the toss and decided to have a bat. My team all wanted to bat at 5 so that left me and Billy to open the batting. Steady start with the ball swining and seaming about.

Billy batted very sensibly and worked hard for his runs against some decent seam bowling. 80 on the bored after about half way and Billy tried to be too cute and was caught. Oscar came in and pushed the rate up with three big sixes and as usual kept all of the strike!

Captain changed gloves and then got out next ball..but it was set up for our middle order to get us to 200+ Unfortunately Colts came and went…Oscar got cleaned out…Crofty crashed about 15 then cleaned out it was like a scene from a washing advert. Marko crash crash out…Benji Cleaned out! I think you get the idea…Feathers nicked off and Stales clothed one which left the two babies to bat out the final 3 overs and T gloved one in last over although the celebrations were more like it was Viv Richards they had just dismissed.

40 short and the cornered tigers routine came out again.

Tom Hancock was somewhat wayward but not as bad as Stales 5s for the first 4 overs..Stales pulled it back and T got a wicket with a brilliant slip catch from Benji Watson.

Enter Josh Varley who bowled the ball in the right area Cyndy Lauper style and was rewarded with an lbw and a seriousssssssssss celebration.

Billy took over from the top and bowled more consistantly for his ten and with Marko breathing like a dog at the other end the rate kept going up…Two wickets for Marko one for Billy and Josh returned to pick up his second at the death. Feathers also struck with a smart caught and bowled…..

With 10 to go there was a bit of a wobble in the field with some ill disciplined throwing and no composure Crofty!..Billy dropped the biggest Dolly in the world and a straightforward one at long of infront of all the crowd and moans and groans….Prehaps if he gets a haircut then he might be able to see instead of having a dougle mop..Quote Riaz “He caught them all at practise.” 0/5 2 matches.

However great performance 21 overs bowled by 3 lads u15 great stuff and an excellant 5 points..Back to you next week Uncle Al…Cheers echoed out when they realised Im not available next week….

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