Teams for 4 and 5 August

Here are the teams for the weekend of 4-5 August 2007. Please note the earlier start times for both the 2nd and 3rd XIs. The team for the friendly against Casuals on Sunday will be posted later

Yorkshire League

League game vs. Sheffield United (Home) on Saturday 4 August at 12.00midday. Meet at 10.45am.

  1. N Gaywood
  2. T Lister
  3. R Moyser
  4. C Colegate
  5. A Patmore (wkt)
  6. E McKenna
  7. M Simpson
  8. N Khan
  9. M Dixon
  10. R Greaves
  11. L Faraz

Scorer: Danny Mines

Sth Riding League

League game vs. Treeton (Away) on Saturday 4 August at 1.00pm. Meet at Treeton at 12.00pm.

  1. C Stewart
  2. A Simpson
  3. D Walton
  4. R Richards
  5. D Vaughan
  6. D Belfitt (wkt)
  7. M Root
  8. B Fielding
  9. T Bartles
  10. A Wylie
  11. M Hickman

Scorer: Gill Morgan

Sth Riding League

League game vs. Coal Aston (Home) on Saturday 4 August at 1.30pm. Meet at 12.30pm.

  1. J Pitcher (wkt)
  2. M Ellis
  3. J Colton
  4. O Nauhaus
  5. B Root
  6. B Watson
  7. A Staley
  8. D Revill
  9. T Hancock
  10. E Croft
  11. J Varley

Scorer: Sarah Croft

Yorkshire Derbyshire

League game vs. Calver (Away) on Saturday 4 August at 2.00pm. Meet at Abbeydale at 12.30pm.

  1. A Langdale
  2. M Heslop
  3. A Leiper
  4. T Leiper (wkt)
  5. C Bellamy
  6. C Langdale
  7. A Gibson
  8. J Jones
  9. P Meshram
  10. N Palekar
  11. D Pearson


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  • 1st August 2007 at 7:51 am

    If anyone is interested in playing against casuals on Sunday please reply to this message

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