5ths in credit at HSBC despite Shaw(t)fall.

A grand day out saw the 5ths entertain Hathersage 2’s at HSBC, now the home of 5th team cricket. Arriving early and bagging the top pitch saw Bens finest contribution of the day with some hard bargaining. Skipper lost toss and were inserted by the 9 men of the visitors, clearly looking to the weather to give them a chance of gaining some points. OBE opened with the mentally challenged Gibson. Gibbo played himself in with a 3rd ball 6 and the game began. Circumspect batting by the experienced Layer and rude, filthy slogging by gibson saw the run rate climb and a declaration looked on the cards. Jug avoidance by the flambouyant Gibson (48) meant skip was joined by a series of “batsmen” who gave the perfectly placed 7 fielders catching practice – mostly getting into the teens (a usual Friday night occurance for Gibbo). The score was progressing nicely. Geoff grafted a good 61. Rusby returned to the crease after a long lay off – presumably due to his work commitments taking him around the world to leer at lingerie models, tough work but someone’s got to do it. The traditional Rusby corkscrew follow-through saw him drill down to a coal seam whilst smiting the ball in his aggressive style. Great to have you back Rus. Enter a post Headingly Ben complete with sunburnt swede and letterbox eyes. Played on in the most horrendous manner much to the delight of his team-mates. Danny failed to pick the one that jagged back off the seam. Croft (“Clearly not a number 9” – Skip) and Collins saw us post a very respectable 230 odd with Crofty hitting the last ball up the leaning tower of Pisa for 6.
Tea was an assiette of carbohydrates + dipping sauce. No complaints.
With the drizzle persisting, Skip opened up the second half with the raw pace of evergreen veteran Pearson and the reliable medium/slow Collins who had passed a late fitness test on his toenail. Third ball of the innings saw Ben chasing a certain 4, scoop the ball back leaving his ankle behind in his triple salko follow-through. Game over for Shaw but commitment was the winner. Leiper (Jnr) failed to ride Croftys challenge in the field and left his knee on Croftys studs, another crock. Wickets fell steadily with Collins bowling for played-ons and Pearson bowling properly. Some catches put down but the result never in doubt as Collins finished on a jug equivalent 4 fer, Pearson 3 after refusing to come off when rested. Crofty got another played on and Game Over. 25 points in the bag and another good performance in both halves. Highlight was Bens comment after getting out “Can this day get any worse?” – Yes.

2 thoughts on “5ths in credit at HSBC despite Shaw(t)fall.

  • 1st June 2007 at 3:50 pm

    Is Gibbo still into the teens? That doesn’t surprise. What about that world cup gents? Pitty i’m not there to give some of it back to you all… oh, and the Ashes? Hope you are all well!

  • 28th May 2007 at 10:37 am

    Danny it didn’t jag back off the seam – it was straight one

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