286 Floor Tiles But Academy Still Win

Academy minus it’s spin attack visited Coal Aston on a blustery day with very warm sunshine and a game which was both entertaining and not good for Uncle Als pace maker….

Coal Aston 142-8 ZZZZZ 3-38 TTTTTT 3-30 Fielding 1-14
Academy 144-7 (45.3 overs)Nausious 66no

Unlce Al lost the toss and were asked to field. Ben bowled well into the strong breeze which was exactly what the shipping forecast had predicted two hours previous. Rate was about 1.5 over T bowled some very good stuff in his 9 overs. Getting an lbw and caught behind as did Ben.

4 & 5 put on some runs slowly Z had a good spell as did debutant Stalingrad… Colty bowled some filth for 3 overs and thought they might get 160. Ben and Z bowled well at the death with the later picking up three wickets. A run out and T with another helped the cause although T bowled some flth at the death which didn’t amuse the keeper to much.

Good catch from Kurum on the forearm off his brother..Josh saved a dozen in the field but we still don’t anticipate enough and Coal Aston should have been allout.

T very nice indeed… The reply started ok until Unlcle Al given lbw..didnt see it so couldnt say… Kurum played some nice shots..Langers started slowly found his feet then yes n o no yes no yes run out…Unlce Al disgusted!

Oscar blazed away Josh came and went and Kallis batted like Kallis at a strike rate of 30. Partnership of 60 got us up to 110 before the most outrageous short wide ball was forehanded McEnroe style to point. Lots of laughter except for Kallis and unle Al. Rope knotted on the pavilion.

Two more wickets turned it into an AN. Coulty getting poled having hit two boundarys. Nerves Al informed us about the tiles in the changing room…down to 8 of 3 overs and two of the final over before Oscar delivered the knockout blow over the top for four in the final over and well supported by Ben….Good 5 but we batted like mules…..except for the SA. Another win keeps the dream alive and thankfully the rope was removed from the roof of the pavilion….Thank goodness for three bottles of wine to make things better,,,,,,,

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