Table Top Spot Confirmed

Although giving a very patchy performance the 5ths scraped past Dronfield Woodhouse to hang on to top spot, recording an incomplete win by the narrowest of margins.

Returning Skipper OBE lost the toss and we fielded first. Young Leiper donned the mitts belatedly, if he’d had the oven gloves on earlier in the week at least part of his body would have been in working order. Danny “the unluckiest snake in the world” Pearson and JJ opened steadily. Mitts dropped one and it took a while until Matty C. nonchalently plucked one for Dan at mid-on. On a challenging outfield we were well shabby and Crofty apart the veterans Lister and Layer gave a lesson in using the body and the hands to stop the ball. Is it because the younger lads feel their girlfiends will be disturbed by signs of bruising that means they cannot make full commitment?
Matt Collins replaced Danny at the top end but pathetically limped off after only 4 overs with a bruised toe nail!!?? During Collins’ initial limp off the skipper had an over and then decided to persevere with “taking the pace off the ball”, snaffling a 2 fer. JJ took a fine catch and Gibbo a couple too but we flagged a few bobblers through and DW finished at 134 for 9. The oldest man in the team bowled unchanged up the hill recording 18 – 4 – 44 – 5.

Again tea was excellent, loads of good sarnies, crisps, sausage rolls, growler, cherry Bakewells, 2 sorts of chocolate fancies. Without breaking Angry’s embargo – how can adding a bowl of pasta solve the Dale Tea Mystery? What has pasta got to do with a cricket tea? Discuss.

GLayer and Gibbo(25) made a good start before the younger half gave it away and started a procession. Bellamy, Croft, Jones (possibly unlucky), Leiper, Shaw all went to bad or unnecessary shots as Geoff tried to hold it together making 45 before one hook too many to the bottom boundary.
Pete Limpet had been blocking for Geoff and continued to do so as the advocate of content over style began swatting a few boundaries. Eventually Mr. Lister perished with about 20 still needed. After a couple more 4s, one swat too many was essayed and Seal had to limp off with the job unfinished. Fortunately Dan and Matty stroked the 10 remaining in some style. Danny cover slashed the winning runs releasing at least some of his considerable frustration.
When there is a collapse on and scoring and umpiring to do it doesn’t help if people who have got out sulk in their car or clear off altogether. Next time we will name names rather than use tricky anagrams….Gobnis and Mabelly be warned.

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  • 7th May 2007 at 11:45 am

    18 overs up the hill!!!!. I was actually worried whether at Sealy’s pace it would reach the other end

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