Win for YD2 Collegiate despite 10 players v 12

YD2 missed out on 5 points but gained 20 at Dronfield Woodhouse (122-8, Angry 5-fer), SCCC 125-3 (Nails 56, 8-Byes 37). Game noticable for the two worst balls in cricket, the slowest ball ever to disturb the bails, the 2nd worst dropped catch in cricket history, and the worst shot in history when needing 2 to win and 24 overs to go. We failed to break Stewie’s windows as well.

We turned up with two aims: 1) win with 25, 2) perforate Stewie’s windows over mid on and failed on all counts. Longers lost the toss (fined) and we fielded on a dodgy track that was puffing dust from the third ball of the day. As it happened, the third ball of the day disappeared into the bushes but even though the balls are rubbish we spent some time searching for it. Danny and Matt went for a few as the left hander hit the short balls quite well. Following on from his masterclass in unfielding at Bakewell we were treated to a replay of the worst drop in history by Langdale A, gentle lob to gully. Actually I think Foulksie’s off me was worse in 2002. Langdale retreated to dark cellar at home to count wine bottles alone, hopefully for the insurance company by looking only rather than touching.

Finally Matt bowled Oxley for 36 and then picked up the uncomfortable looking number 3 for a couple.

Longers put himself on at the top. Still maintain that was the wrong end for him as it was with the wind but what do I, a demon fast bowler, know about such things. Ball turned lots. I was brought on off two paces at other end nursing damaged back and bowling much slower even than usual, started with the two worst opening balls in history, two gentle long hops outside off stump of the type that Emma and Katie normally dispatch into Kersall Lawns. Fortunately these were to the opener who had no interest in scoring (batted 46 overs for 29*, I kid you not), so he left them. Ball was seaming either not at all, or 6 inches too far, and lifting as well. Anyway I got the worst 5-fer I’ve ever got, but it’s in the book and in a few weeks it will be remembered, in my mind at least, as a classic display of flight and guile.

They blocked out to 122-8. Webbo dropped a rather comfortable one at slip in over 45 which might have helped us to 10 wickets. Battenburg for tea! Yeeaahh! I had two bits and so did Longers. Wrong game to miss Sealy.

With one eye on the clouds, Nails blasted off and he (56) and 8-Byes (37) cruised to 98 before Nails holed out. 8-Byes stumped after rush of blood. Two to go and 24 overs to go, A Langale panicked and tried to hit the ball into Chesterfield somewhere and was bowled. Howls of laughter around the ground and end to a prefect day. Tara.

20 points in the bank, should have been 25. But that was our fault through average bowling and average fielding.

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