4ths in bar at 4.30

Dronfield Woodhouse 35 (Lobber 5-20), Sheffield Collegiate 37-0. 25 points.

Points were good to get but no game really. Dronfield chose to bat were all out for 35 in the 32nd over. Danno made sessonal debut, failed to bowl his allotted overs and failed to wear a tache!!!. Waif bowled his worst spell of season of 4 overs 2 for 5- cost him a fortune at 50p a long hop. Lobba bowled 14 overs and got 5 for 20- if he could hit stumps we could have finished earlier. Gandolph took two balls to show him how to hit stumps. Good catches from Gandolph and Marco making debut behind stumps. Outrageous catch by kiwi but fined for not calling for it. Angry heavily fined for boring 11-7-8-2.

Prince Rav and Kiwi took 6 overs to get runs including Prince Rav playing out a maiden????. Prince Rav mande 13 not out which when added to last weeks 88 made a ton in one completed innings so Jug time

Some good taches and some poor attempts=- waif tried to grow one!

Next week is turn up with a root vegetable” and smallest ones will be fined

Next saturday at Baslow – we now have just under 300 in kitty so its off for curry and Naps- all who have contributed welcome- it will be nearly 400 when Von Langenburg pays up for Grindleford escapade

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