Teams for 17-18 June 2006

Here are the teams for 17-18 June 2006. The YD league owes the 5ths an apology I feel in preventing its game happening on what promises to be a good weather weekend. But I guess league politics are much more important than playing cricket.

Yorkshire League

League game vs. Castleford (Away) on Saturday 17 June at 1.00pm. Meet at Abbeydale 10.45am.

  1. J Tasker
  2. N Gaywood
  3. C Wall
  4. S Clark
  5. T Main
  6. C Colegate
  7. R Barlow
  8. R Tasker
  9. J Pitcher (wkt)
  10. M Butler
  11. M Root

Scorer: Will Lacey

Sth Riding League

League game vs. Wickersley (Home) on Saturday 17 June at 1.30pm. Meet at 12.30pm.

  1. C Stewart
  2. J Root
  3. D Vaughan
  4. D Walton
  5. M Simpson
  6. M Hickman
  7. N Khan
  8. M Dixon
  9. D Belfitt (wkt)
  10. R Greaves
  11. E McKenna

Scorer: G Morgan

Sth Riding League

League game vs. Parkgate (Away) on Saturday 17 June at 2.00pm. Meet at Abbeydale 12.00pm.

  1. A Hampshire
  2. T Miller
  3. R Richards
  4. A Simpson (wkt)
  5. T Lister
  6. J Colton
  7. T Bartles
  8. K Javed
  9. B Fielding
  10. N Abdul
  11. B Root

Scorer: D Mines

Yorkshire Derbyshire

League game vs. Dronfield Woodhouse (Home) on Saturday 17 June at 2.00pm. Meet at 1.00pm.

  1. G Layer
  2. A Neylon
  3. M Winter
  4. R Naik
  5. C Langdale
  6. M Longley
  7. Z Javed
  8. A Ruperalia (wkt)
  9. D Seal
  10. M Ellis
  11. J Lomas


Yorkshire Derbyshire

Percy Crookes 6-a-sides game vs. (Away) on Sunday 18 June at 10.00am. Meet at Transport 10.00am.

  1. B Shaw
  2. A Gibson
  3. D Robinson
  4. C Langdale
  5. M Collins
  6. A Ruperalia (wkt)
  7. A Neylon
  8. M Ellis
  9. T Bartles


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