Layer Neyloned

Stanton in the Peak 136 for 7 (3pts). Collegiate 140 for 4 (20 pts)
A sound if unspectacular win on a bright and breezy afternoon at the ‘Dale……Though the track looked, and was, splendid for May discretion prevailed and we put them in. Danno and Lobber steamed in and had the openers in a lot of trouble but couldn’t actually shift them. Hadfield who held the Stanton innings together tucked into a few of Dan’s fuller deliveries before Dan finally did The Turtle and Lobber did for No.3.
The newly coiffed Street and the nearly coiffed Angry did Ok but made no more inroads. Longers came and went. I can’t bowl at second change!?” he opined but as Angry noted he was 3rd. change…shabby captaincy I expect.
Lobber( 3 for 16 off 12) returned for a couple of cheap wickets to go with Angry’s eventual brace. The left- armer’s frothing indignation at being carted for a 6 and a couple of fours was good to see. The fielding was steady led by Dunn who pottered behind the stumps to good effect hovering on his Nimbus 2005. Langers still awaits a first pouch of the season and a funny joke to tell.
Have to say the new incumbent is several sandwiches short of a cricket tea.
Good points….cakes/scones/chips
Bad points….dinky sandwiches/”pizza”/salmonella legs
Keep the good points…buy a stack of breadcakes..fill with traditional stuff like cheese/ham/beef/chicken…chop up a few tomatoes…some pickle…How HARD is it?
After tea the man from the land of shoe polish turned the tables. He was well and truly Taskered on Wednesday but now it was Layer’s turn. Adam, after an early scare, made 59 from 72 before being horribly sawn off. Most enjoyable to watch, the batting…not the sawing. Geoff (29) (O.B.E.) took it up to 3 figs. with Langers (37*) who finished it off with a mixture of exaggerated maker’s name and slapped sixes. Spent could not locate the snitch, likewise Bellamy so Streety drilled a dozen in fours to win the game.
Thanks to Angry for continuing the NZ beer thing. Langdale next week v. SWD at home and the return of C.R.Ash.”

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