Newsletter: 9 September 1993 Volume 1 Number 2

This was the second newsletter published in 1993.

Newsletter: 9 September 1993, Volume 1 Number 2

Collegiate win Yorkshire League and Derbyshire Building Society Cup

Good news as the season winds down! Over the bank holiday, Collegiate won both the Derbyshire Building Society Cup and the Yorkshire League. Full details in the next issue.

Congratulations to everyone involved.

‘200 Club’

The club must generate much more money if it is to survive. One income generation scheme in which we would like you and your friends to participate is the 200 Club, which will start this September. In essence, it a season-long raffle in which draws are made every week for cash prizes. So please join in. It will cost you just 50p per week.

The prizes are definitely worth having! The actual amount of the cash prizes will depend upon the number of current members in the 200 Club, but based upon a membership of 200 the following prizes will be awarded. One benefit of membership is that you will also receive this newsletter free!

Weekly throughout year, 2 prizes     10 
Monthly throughout year              50 
Pre-season dinner (April)           500 
Collegiate AGM (November)           250

The cost to you is just 50 pence per week (in advance)! Naturally you may pay in any way convenient to you but the preferred form would be by a quarterly banker’s order. So please join in, and try and talk a friend or relative into joining as well. Names of winners will be announced in the Newsletter. An application form is attached.

Is the Yorkshire League so great?

by Nick Gaywood

Having squirmed my way through passport control and arrived safely in ‘God’s country’ (Dave Longley’s that is, not the strange character who wears a long dress and dabbles at joinery), I made enquiries about cricket. Simple, I thought, find the strongest league possible, and head for the nearest club in it. Several opinionated Yorkshire cricket fanatics later, I had been convinced that Geoff Boycott should still open for England, and that the Yorkshire and Bradford cricket leagues were the best in the world! Joining Collegiate was not a difficult decision as a quick glance at the facilities and a guided tour of the bar with the genial John Hespe proved too much for a simple country boy overcome by unsuspected northern decadence.

Six years on and after spells in both the Yorkshire and Huddersfield leagues, I’m still puzzled by the question: which is the strongest league in Yorkshire? Initially I believed the Yorkshire and Bradford leagues to be far superior. Anecdotal evidence, playing experiences, competitive league tables and a long list of ‘name’ players supported my beliefs. More recently it appears to me that many players have left the Yorkshire league and that many prospective Yorkshire and Bradford League players have looked elsewhere to the ‘minor’ leagues such as the Huddersfield, Central Yorkshire, Aire and Wharfedale, and the Yorkshire Council. The Yorkshire League appears to be less competitive in that Castleford and Collegiate are clearly dominant.

Why this apparent levelling then? What is it about these other leagues which makes them attractive to play in? Conversely, what is unappealing abut the Yorkshire league?

In times of recession, money is a big attraction. I know of many players who pay for family holidays, house improvements, etc., courtesy of generous expenses! Similarly the idea of paying no match fees, no subscriptions, and the possibility of a collection for 6 wickets or 50 runs is certainly not to be sniffed at.

In terms of travelling, all grounds in the Huddersfield league are within 25 minutes of each other. Consequently, once in the vicinity, there isn’t a lot of driving. A by-product of this is a local derby atmosphere at virtually every game. If the weather is good a large and vocal crowd can always be expected. Not quite the same as 20 Trappist monks spread around Abbeydale.

Teams in the Huddersfield League seem generally close in standard. Small grounds coupled with this evenness means that anybody can beat anybody and games are far from predictable. When was the last time Collegiate were even remotely stretched by Hull, Halifax, or Sheffield Utd? In terms of ‘make up’ and ‘depth’ Collegiate and the Huddersfield league are miles apart. Most teams depend upon 5, 6, or 7 players in Huddersfield. It is common to have a 7, 8, and 9 who don’t bowl and don’t look like they can bat, whereas in the Yorkshire league everybody has a rle to play. There are few good spinners in the Huddersfield league and few good players of spin. ‘Six or bust’ is a popular game plan even with all the fielders on the fence.

Many wickets are uncovered and sticky dogs abound in the land of the dibbly dob. Terrified captains desperately defend mini boundaries at even the slightest hint of batting dominance. Batsmen are kindly requested to get themselves out rather than be got out while batting slowly, but no game is ever dead. A 100 off 10 overs with 3 wickets left is not the hopeless scenario it might seem in the Yorkshire league.

Personally I feel that I’d like to play in a ‘super’ league where the majority of players in the County play and where all the best grounds are utilised. Yorkshire would then have a high quality breeding ground for young pros and the selectors tasks would be simpler. Alas I feel that this will never happen and that we are destined to see a host of parochial, mediocre leagues continuing to fight for players, publicity, and cricketing recognition.

Cricket in France

by John Hespe

The French bastide town of Eymet is situated some 70 miles south east of Bordeaux and 20 miles south of Bergerac, between the rivers Lot and Garonde. Rolling hills, apple and plum orchards, wonderful weather, small friendly villages with inviting restaurants, miles of vineyards and oceans of red wine characterise the region surrounding the town.

Eymet is also the home of Eymet Cricket Club. Founded in the late 1970s and now one of the best known clubs in the country. As well as competing in two league competitions, coaching and developing junior cricket in the area, they play host to more than 30 visiting teams each season, and since 1983 have organised and run, annually, a festival of cricket. As a member of the “Yorkshire Saints” it was my pleasure to take part in their 10th anniversary tournament in early August. Along with the Saints were two sides from south of Watford, the aptly named Birks Old Boys, no less ‘birkish’ Jimmy Hill’s Celebrity XI, and finally our hosts, Eymet CC.

Apart from the weather, the scene was essentially very English; plenty of ‘chaps’, cucumber sandwiches for tea, etc., etc. Traditionalists will be pleased to hear that no allowances have been made in the games rules or language. Middle and leg guard is still so, and not deux jambes, s’il vous plait. ‘Owzat’ has not yet become est-il dehors, arbitre? although one man, reminiscent of a young Richard Kettleborough, was heard to mutter mettez une cloche detans having beaten the outside edge with no success on several occasions. Neither is there any truth in the rumour that David Jones has copyright in the French language for his own personal welcome to an incoming batsman – Jettez lui un piano, pour voir s’il peut le jouer.

While it is difficult to recommend normal able-bodied sportsmen (not J. Hespe, then -Ed.) in their prime to miss 2 or 3 weekends to take part in a fete-de-cricket, if you are either a mature player still capable of walking without the aid of a stick, or an aspiring junior, the trip is well worth while. Our hosts were generous to a fault, and even the wicket is OK (but the pool beside the ground is better!).

Results:- Saints beat Birks Old Boys, but then so did everyone else, and we lost narrowly to our other two oppositions, and in doing so came 3rd in the tournament. We came a creditable second in various drinking competitions but won the funny blazer and tie competition comfortably. Jimmy Hill pointed his chin to all directions of the compass – but he did turn up and play. John Snow was majestic, even loping in off 10 yards, still a wonderful sight, looking disgustingly healthy and fit, bowling at a good, sharp pace. Even my mother-in-law enjoyed it, I think, although she did disapprove of the lizards at the our farm house, but I dare say the lizards…

Volunteers who would be interested in undertaking further missionary work next year, please let me know. It’s great fun and can be as cheap or expensive as you wish.

Babby’s brilliant barbie

by Andy Seager

The most prestigious social event in the Sheffield social calendar turned into a bun fight which left Mr and Mrs Babb speechless. A ferocious drinking pace was set early on in the evening and later took its toll on some unsuspecting revellers.

Steve Hood, out total-tea Aussie was accompanied by the gorgeous pouting Maxine. As the evening progressed Steve faded away and Maxine was left alone to twiddle her thumbs. He opened up playing a few shots at a young blond in the Howe harem. A date was struck up for the following week. (A totally reliable source confirms he was blown out at that dinner date). However he was back with Maxine later in the evening and was last seen pouring themselves into a taxi ordered by landlady Mrs Jones.

Another casualty was brown blonde Cath Howe whose swallow dive from the top of the steps left us all holding our breath and pints.

5 for as much drink and food as you can consume has got to be excellent value. But sober Ed might not have got full value.

And finally, after many years a closely guarded secret is revealed in this world exclusive. For those of you who remember the ‘Fantom Flan Flinger’ of Tiswas fame, the caped crusader who pied many a face was finally revealed as Sue Rathbone. Mrs Rathbone stepped up with a half-eaten choc cake and in true fantom style pie-chucked away at Bill Croft scoring a direct hit. And at that moment, closed the curtain on a top class evening.

Here’s looking forward to next year’s thrilling extravaganza.

Stop Press: We hear the rules will be different next year!

Wall balls

‘Where’s that draught coming from?’ ‘The window, Whionel.’ (On the M18 returning from Doncaster)

‘Eeugh- have you seen your feet Neil?’ ‘Yes Charles, I’ve had them all my life.’

“I suppose it’s a case of ‘after the Lord Mayor’s show’ then Chris.” ‘Oh, is it the Lord Mayor’s show today then. What time does it finish?’

Match reports

Yorkshire league

<h4>vs. Cleethorpes (14/8/93)</h4> <h5>by Steve Livermore</h5>

Collegiate inched their way towards another Yorkshire League title with a winning draw against Cleethorpes.

A typically wily spell of off-spin by John Hespe backed up by some outrageous catching by Steve Livermore (not related to the author, presumably – Ed.) helped keep the seasiders to a mere 111-9 in reply to Collegiate’s 159-9. Earlier in the day, Collegiate were guided once again by Priestley, whose 74 was the only high point in a disappointing batting display.

David Jones soon removed Leafe and was unfortunate not to have claimed further victims in a hostile first spell. The evergreen duo of John Hespe and Richard Ibbotson were at their finest however and bowling in tandem for 34 overs, claimed 8 wickets between them, while conceding only 63 runs.

The Collegiate players thought that the game was won in the penultimate over when a confident lbw appeal, again from the bowling of Hespe, was turned down.

Priestley, N.      lbw           b Thompson    74
Vaughan, D.                      b Kelk         0
Bethell, G.        c Irvine, M   b Kelk        16
McKenna, E.        c Irvine, S.  b Kelk         5
Livermore, S.      c Welton      b Irving, M.  24
Wall, C.           run out                      6
Jones, D.          b Irving, M.                10
Stewart, C.        not out                     13
Hespe, J.                        b Thompson     0
Ibbotson, R.       run out                      4
Extras                                          7
Total              (9 wkts, 55 overs)         159

Kelk, S.           16-6-36-3
Bennie, J.         10-2-32-0
Irving, M.         17-2-40-2
Thompson, G.       12-2-47-2

Leafe, R.          c Livermore   b Jones        9
Welton, G.         st Priestley  b Ibbotson    27
Dawson, I.         c Livermore   b Hespe       23
Irving, S.         c McKenna     b Ibbotson    19
Rennie, J.         c Livermore   b Hespe        1
Todd, R.           c Wall        b Hespe        7
Willerton, C.      c Livermore   b Hespe        7
Dobbs, N.                        b Ibbotson     1
Kelk, S.           c Priestley   b Hespe        4
Thompson, G.       not out                      4
Irving, M.         not out                      6
Extras                                          4
Total              (9 wkts, 55 overs)         111

Jones, D           15-4-32-1
Wall, C.           6-1-12-0
Hespe, J.          21-11-33-5
Ibbotson, R.       13-4-30-3

Yorkshire league

<h4>vs. Castleford (21/8/93)</h4> <h5>by Steve Livermore</h5>

Collegiate won the toss in this all-important clash at Savile Park and invited the home team to bat. A most bizarre opening stand saw Foster blaze four quick boundaries before edging a catch to Priestley off the bowling of Jones. Jones also removed Randerson and with Priestley catching Kettleborough off Hespe, Castleford were in some trouble at 47-4.

A powerful innings by Aussie O’Keefe put Castleford back on top for a while, but just as they looked as if a score exceeding 250 was likely, Ibbotson removed O’Keefe for a fine 78. The tail wagged in an attempt to up the total and the innings closed at 211-8. The large Collegiate support were quietly confident of a pending victory, and were to be treated to a batting display of the highest quality.

Bethell joined Priestley at the fall of the first wicket and the pair took the attack to the star-studded bowling attack. Bethell was in destructive form, equally so on both front and back feet. His fifty came up in just 35 balls and he went on to score exactly 100 before fatigue took over and his concentration flagged.

Priestley, meanwhile, had his sights on batting through and taking his side to victory. This he did with an immaculate innings of 80*. Collegiate went past the target of 212 with more than 5 overs to spare and with seven wickets in hand.

Foster, M         c Priestley    b Jones       16
Randerson, J.                    b Jones        9
Kettleboro', R.   c Priestley    b Hespe        9
O'Keefe, M.                      b Ibbotson    78
Parkin, J.        c Vaughan      b Hespe       21
Young, J.         c Wall         b Hespe       35
Leathley, J.      c Wall         b Ibbotson    39
Shackleton, I     c + b            Hespe        7
Keedy, G.         not out                       8
Silverwood,       not out                       0
Extras                                          9
Total             (8 wkts, 55 overs)          211

Jones, D          18-4-53-2
Hood, S.          5-1-23-0
Hespe, J.         22-4-76-4
Ibbotson, R.      10-0-50-2

Priestley, N      not out                      80
Vaughan, D        c Rand'son    b Foster        7
Bethell, G.       c Keedy       b Young       100
McKenna, E.       s Silverw'd   b Keedy        11
Livermore, S      not out                       8
Extras                                          6
Total             (3 wkts, 49.5 overs)        212

Silverwood, C.    7-0-51-0
Foster, M.        13-3-34-1
Keedy, G.         16-1-57-1
Kettleborough, R. 2-0-16-0
Young, D.         11.5-0-49-1

Ridings League

<h4>vs. Barnsley (28 August)</h4> <h5>by Mr Angry</h5>

Collegiate batted pretty well on a welcome hard wicket. The backbone of the innings came from a rapid 11 off 5 balls from Winter, but he was well backed up by opener Hood, who scored a belligerent 63, and Tasker who scored a pleasantly accumulated 51.

The home side felt that 219 might not have been enough on this wicket and for the first hour of their innings, Barnsley demonstrated that this might have been true. The first four Barnsley batsmen all looked good, were well up with the clock, and offered several lessons to Collegiate on running between the wickets. However they all got good balls from the Collegiate seamer battery and 95-4 was perhaps scant reward for some good batting. The remainder of the Barnsley order didn’t look in the same class and collapsed meekly through a variety of unforced errors, giving Collegiate a useful six points and keeping the mathematical chance of the championship alive.

Furniss                        b Wilkinson     22
Hood           st Shaw         b Wilkinson     63
Powell                         b Adams         28
Else           c + b Adams                      3
Javed Iqbal    run out                          0
Tasker, J.     lbw.            b Heseltine     51
Howe           c Fahey         b Wilkinson     20
Wood           c Fahey         b Wilkinson      1
Ward           not out                          2
Winter         not out                         11
Extras                                         16
Total         (8 wkts, 55 overs)              219

Grigg, A      11-0-41-0
Fallis, C     4-0-30-0
Wilkinson, R  23-3-71-4
Adams, J.     9-1-26-2
Heseltine, A  8-1-35-1

Shaw, P                        b Wood          16
Morris, Z     c Tasker         b Seager        11
Benson, P                      b Winter        22
Wilkinson, R  c Powell         b Wood          12
Heseltine, M  lbw.             b Tasker        10
Fahey, A.     run out                           2
Fallis, C.                     b Tasker         9
Adams, J.     c Powell         b Ward           0
Murphy, S.                     b Tasker         1
Grigg, A.     c Hood           b Tasker         6
Heseltine, A. not out                           4
Extras                                         28
Total         (all out, 44 overs)             122

Ward, B.      9-0-33-1
Seager, A.    8-2-28-1
Wood, D.      9-1-24-2
Tasker, J.    14-6-17-4
Winter, M.    4-3-2-1

Ridings League

<h4>vs. Harrogate (30 Aug)</h4> <h5>by Mr Absolutely Bloody Livid</h5>

Collegiate were extremely efficient in their despatch of Barnsley on Saturday, but their performance on the bank holiday Monday was abysmal.

The Harrogate openers took advantage of inept fielding to put on a partnership of 51 for the first wicket. Their batting was indifferent but Collegiate’s display of five dropped catches in the first half-hour was something else. This wasn’t a case of catches winning matches but missed catches losing matches. Cousen looked mediocre for 30 minutes or so but then decided to capitalise upon the Collegiate fielding by playing a series of unpretty scything shots, interspersed with a few good ones, in achieving 80, a score aided by his failure to walk for a truly obvious caught behind when about 30. I expect the umpire was so amazed at a catch being held that he forgot to raise the finger. Finally sanity returned to the proceedings and Harrogate went from 220-2 to 245-9 at the close as wickets fell rapidly in the last 6 over scramble.

Despite losing their openers to poor shots, Collegiate reached the half-way score well inside 27.3 overs, largely through very good batting by Powell and Iqbal, who both reached 50. Things were looking good, only 4 an over required for the last 20 overs, but the spineless bottom order ‘batting’ fell to the so-called off-spin of the irritating Rawlings. Only Captain Howe (free from wedding commitments for a change) of the lower order showed any common sense. His ease in scoring 37* showed the others up and gave him justification in delivering a rather loud post-match tirade to all and sundry.

How on earth can a Collegiate side be bowled out on a good wicket by the Harrogate bowling? Part of the reason lies in lack of batting at match level by the lower order. Realistically, such match practice requires two things, a stable and strong friendly fixture list, and a willingness to play in such fixtures.

Rawlings, R.                     b Hood        24
Mitten, C.       c + b             Dorney      71
Cousen, J.                       b Tasker      80
Rawlings, M.     c Powell        b Seager      41
Smart, R.        lbw.            b Hood         2
Cropper, J.      c Ward          b Seager       5
Sylvester, A.                    b Hood         1
White, R         lbw.            b Hood         1
Kilpatrick, A.   run out                        2
Bramley, S.      not out                        7
Wrigley, P.      not out                        0
Extras                                         10
Total            (9 wkts, 55 overs)           245

Seager, A.       13-4-61-3
Ward, B.         6-0-18-0
Hood, S.         14-2-55-4
Tasker, J.       13-2-55-0
Winter, M.       4-0-30-0
Dorney, J.       5-0-23-1

Furniss, D.      c Rawling,      b Cropper      2
Hood, S.         c Cropper       b Cropper      9
Powell, M.       c Sylvester     b Smart       54
Else, M.         c Rawlings      b Smart       10
Iqbal            st Rawling,     b Rawling, R. 50
Tasker, J.       c Rawling,      b Bramley     15
Howe, I.         not out                       37
Winter, M.       c Rawling,      b Rawling. R.  0
Ward, B.                         b Bramley      0
Seager, A.                       b Wrigley      4
Dorney, J.       c Smart         b Rawlings, R. 4
Extras                                         13
Total            (all out, 53 overs)          202

White, R.        10-0-48-0
Cropper, J.      6-1-27-2
Smart, R.        8-0-39-2
Bramley, S.      7-2-10-1
Wrigley, P.      9-2-30-2
Rawlings, R.     13-5-30-3

Yorkshire & Derbyshire League

<h4>vs. Dronfield Woodhouse (7 Aug)</h4> <h5>by Martin Maddocks</h5>

Having finally persuaded various players to come out of retirement to make up the side ’12’ arrived at Dronfield. The chairman pulled rank on the grounds of a Baldwin’s Friday night and became 12’thers.

Now the match. Collegiate batted first on a slow low wicket and steadily ground away led by the veteran Yardley, supported by Mad-Dog and Aqeel. Ben Shaw’s support was so swift that it was suggested that he might send a donation in exchange for a tie from ‘Johnners’. Collegiate finally made 159.

Collegiate’s bowling was very limited. However, after a tearaway start Dronfield slowed up. After 16 overs, Dronfield were 75-2, ending on 161 with 4 overs to spare, the captain not helping matters by dropping Parker (25) when only 2. Deadly was heard to suggest that if it had been a pint, he’d have swallowed it!

We’re hanging on against relegation.

Maddocks, M       c O'Brien       b Hobson      23
Longley, D                        b Pugh         1
Yardley, R                        b Parker      54
Aqeel             run out                       28
Stevens           c Parker        b Thomas      14
Shaw              c Smillito      b Parker       0
Johnson           not out                       25
Willey                            b Thomas       2
Levelsey          not out                        1
Extras                                          11
Total             (7 wkts, 46 overs)           159

Thomas            14-3-36-2
Pugh              12-2-44-1
Hobson            9-0-32-1
Edwards           7-2-18-0
Parker            4-0-25-2

Vandrill          hit wkt         b Johnson     53
Finch                             b Doherty     23
Smillito          lbw             b Doherty      0
Beacroft          c Stevens       b Johnson     13
Hobson                            b Doherty     17
Thomas            st              b Johnson      2
Parker                            b Doherty     26
O'Brien           not out                        6
Edwards           not out                        2
Extras                                          20
Total             (7 wkts, 41.5 overs)         161

Doherty, W.       20.5-2-60-4
Longley, D.       5-0-26-0
Johnson, C.       16-2-60-3

Yorkshire & Derbyshire League

<h4>vs. De La Salle (14 Aug)</h4> <h5>by Martin Maddocks</h5>

Collegiate won the toss and fielded. Steady opening bowling restricted De La Salle to a moderate scoring rate. Change bowlers Ramadin & Valentine (occasionally known as Babb & Johnson) took the bulk of the De La Salle wickets, until Tom Green came in and changed the character of the innings with 49 in rapid time. Tim Harris returned and polished off the tail.

Collegiate’s batting lurched to 38-3 after 15 overs. Steady batting came from S. Tasker and Tony Ammon but the final target always looked too much. Tom Green again changed the face of the game by taking quick wickets. Hard, entertaining hitting from Bomber Harris gave Collegiate valuable extra points.

We’re still hanging on against relegation.

De La Salle
Green, P.                       b Harris      23
Flaherty, J.                    b Johnson     61
Hartley, J.      c Tasker       b Babb         3
Green, L.        c Tasker       b Babb        21
Green, M.                       b Babb        13
Brook, A.        run out                       0
Methley, P.      run out                      13
Green, T.        not out                      49
Smith, K.                       b Harris       2
Simm'son, M.     c Naik         b Ammon        2
Fifield, P.                     b Harris       0
Extras                                        14
Total            (all out, 44.2 overs)       179

Maddocks, M.     10-2-20-0
Harris, T.       12.2-1-42-3
Johnson, C.      10-1-40-1
Babb, P.         11-0-60-3
Ammon, T.        1-0-3-1

Naik, R.                        b Smith        7
Rathbone, M.                    b Fifield      1
Longley, D.      st Green,P.    b Green, M.    7
Tasker, A.       c Fifield      b Simmerson   46
Ammon, T.                       b Green       21
Johnson, N.                     b Green, T.    3
Harris, T.       not out                      44
Maddocks, M.     c Green, P.    b Green, T.    0
Johnson, C.      not out                       7
Extras                                        12
Total            (7 wkts, 47 overs)          148

Fifield, P.      7-0-22-1
Smith, K.        11-2-29-1
Green, M.        8-1-20-1
Simmerson, M.    6-1-16-1
Green, T.        9-1-37-3
Brook, A.        6-2-22-0


‘Personally, I have always looked upon cricket as organised loafing.’ (William Temple)


‘ ‘

(Ben Ward)

Collegiate Trivia

Here’s the first of an occasional series of Collegiate trivia competitions. A prize of 5 to the first set of correct answers received at the Newsletter offices.

1. Name 12 first-class players who have played for Sheffield Collegiate since 1980.

2. Who dropped a hat-trick of catches in a Yorkshire League match for Collegiate?

3. Who was the bowler?

4. Name one test player that fell victim to the ferocious Derek Roberts.

5. Name one S.R.U.F.C. president who has played cricket for Collegiate.

6. Which ex-Collegiate player scored the winning runs for Leeds in Collegiate’s last appearance at Headingley?

7. How many photos did Peter Babb take of the ground-levelling exercise?

8. In which year did Collegiate get to the National knockout semi-final?

9. In which year did S.R.U.F.C. get to the National knockout semi-final?

10. When did Collegiate last get a wicket in the Yorkshire League and David Jones not say ‘There’s the pavilion, over there’

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