The world’s first cricket web page

I think Sheffield Collegiate was the first cricket club in the world
to have a WWW presence, unless anyone out there can beat Summer 1993. For the record, this is the text of the very first cricket web page, published in September 1993.

Sheffield Collegiate Cricket Club

Welcome to the Sheffield Collegiate Cricket Club home page. While
Sheffield Collegiate is not connected with the University of Sheffield,
and only indirectly with the Chemistry Department, you can select here for the University of Sheffield home page or here for the Chemistry Department.

The Club

Sheffield Collegiate Cricket Club was founded in 1881 and plays at
Abbeydale Park in Sheffield. Sheffield Collegiate runs three senior
sides who play in the Yorkshire League, the Ridings League, and the
Yorkshire & Derbyshire Club Cricket League. A further club side
plays non-league cricket on Sundays and midweek. Sheffield Collegiate
sponsors, organises, and coaches junior teams at the under 13, under
15, and under 17 level (all in the Sheffield & District Junior

Sheffield Collegiate has hosted Yorkshire County Cricket Club matches since 1974.


Sheffield Collegiate is always keen to hear from new players (senior
and junior) and from new supporters. If you would like further
information or to join the Club as a playing or as a non-playing member
please contact Mark Winter

We should be particularly interested in hearing from prospective members in the inte
ational community.


Select which newsletter you would like to read from the list below.

We are interested in items for inclusion in the Collegiate newsletter and comments!

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Mark Winter

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