Early Newsletters: 9 August 1993 Volume 1 Number 1

Newsletter: 9 August 1993, Volume 1 Number 1

This is the first edition, hopefully of many, of the Sheffield Collegiate Cricket Club newsletter. The newsletter will be distributed free of charge to members of the 200 Club and patron members. The aim is very simple, and that is to tell you what is happening at Collegiate.

200 Club

The club must generate much more money if it is to survive. One income generation scheme in which we would like you and your friends to participate is the 200 Club, which will start this September. In essence, it a season-long raffle in which draws are made every week for cash prizes. So please join in. It will cost you just 50p per week. Some of the prizes are definitely worth having! The actual amount of the cash prizes will depend upon the number of current members in the 200 Club, but based upon a membership of 200 the following prizes will be awarded. One benefit of membership is that you will also receive this newsletter free!

Weekly throughout year, 2 prizes     10 
Monthly throughout year              50 
Pre-season dinner (April)           500 
Collegiate AGM (November)           250

The cost to you is just 50 pence per week (in advance)! Naturally you may pay in any way convenient to you but the preferred form would be by a quarterly banker’s order. So please join in, and try and talk a friend or relative into joining as well. Names of winners will be announced in the Newsletter. An application form is attached.

Congratulations Michael

Michael Vaughan is one of the younger Collegiate members, but was selected to be 12th man for Yorkshire against Gloucestershire in the Nat West competition in July. He has just made his full debut for the Yorkshire side (against Notts). He is a regular performer for the Club Yorkshire League side and more recently was awarded a contract with Yorkshire. I don’t suppose The Independent will mind too much if we quote this article by Michael Carey published on 6 August.

Fluent Vaughan punishes West Indies

‘Anyone full of gloom and despair about England cricket should drop in on the Under-19 side. At Grace Road yesterday they demolished the West Indies by 90 runs in the first one-day international. Moreover, you will have to go a long way before seeing a better exhibition of batting than Michael Vaughan’s 122. The Yorkshire opener, tipped as a full England opener of the future by the watching Leicestershire coach Jack Birkenshaw, needed only 98 balls to reach three figures.

His partnership of 144 from 31 overs with Nottinghamshire’s Matthew Dowman virtually decided the match after England had been put in. It led to their highest one-day score. After only a week’s acclimatisation, the West Indies found length and line elusive on a chill day in a blustery wind. They clearly have much work to do before the next game at Chelmsford tomorrow.

Vaughan picked up runs with impressive fluency all around the wicket but especially in the arc between mid-on and mid-off. The left-handed Dowman, possessing a chunky build reminiscent of the former Nottinghamshire batsman, Norman Hill, missed little off his legs. It was symptomatic of the tourists’ problems that their first wicket taker, Andr Percival, was the seventh bowler to appear. Their partnership was the highest for any wicket against the West Indies at this level, beating the 114 by Mike Gatting and Matthew Fosh in Trinidad in 1976. Not long after that Fosh surprisingly gave up the game to run a pop group; whatever happened to that chap Gatting?’

Biographical note – He is a tall athletically built young man with eyes of blue, a Scorpio or was it Leo, (who cares?), whose favourite colour is Amber but who nevertheless has time to (cont. page 46).

Leg-spin tendency linked to genes

Ethical dilemmas loom as genetic study of leg-spinners families suggest predisposition is inherited through men’s mothers.

Scientists have discovered the first scientific evidence of a genetic basis for the desire to bowl leg-spin. They suggest that perhaps by the turn of the century that they will be able to isolate a ‘leg-spin’ gene that men inherit from their mothers. The research, published in the journal ‘Journal of MCC Research’, raises ethical issues on the genetic influences on human bowling preferences. Finding a gene that predisposes a person to leg-spin bowling could lead to pre-natal diagnostic tests which might in theory be offered to pregnant women to determine whether to abort a foetus carrying the gene.

However, the researchers say that it is unlikely to be possible to develop a vaccination for the condition. The scientists emphasise that their finding cannot explain all leg-spin tendencies. Dr Grace said it is likely that leg-spin tendencies arise from a number of causes, both genetic and environmental. Other research groups had found that leg-spin preferences sometimes tend to run in families, indicating a genetic basis. In some cases leg-spinner relatives could be traced back three generations. However the latest research has located a region of the X-chromosome – which men inherit from their mothers – that is strongly implicated. They analysed the X-chromosomes of 40 pairs of leg-spinner brothers using genetic markers. They found that 33 of the leg-spinner pairs had coinherited genetic markers on the dame region of the X-chromosome, known as Xq82. This region represents only 0.02% of the human genome – the entire genetic makeup – but may carry several hundred genes, so there is considerable work to be done to identify the precise gene, or genes, involved, Dr Grace said.

The scientists do not know why seven of the 40 pairs of leg-spinners do not appear to have the same genetic markers. Dr Grace said that these leg-spinners may have inherited other genes that are associated with leg-spin bowling, or they might have been influenced by ‘environmental factors or life experiences’.

A spokesman for the MCC said that the news was excellent. ‘The normal approach to eliminating leg-spin bowling from cricket has been to prepare wickets quite unsuitable for leg-spinners and to operate a policy of extreme irrational prejudice against them. The ability to test for the leg-spin tendency before birth and further changes in the education system could mean that the leg-spin tendency could be totally eliminated from English cricket within the next 50 years. This will put us in a far stronger position to face international competition.’

With apologies to Steve Connor of The Independent’

Steve Hood

Collegiate extend a welcome to Steve Hood who joins us this year from Queensland in Australia*. While here he is being sponsored by accountants Poppleton & Appleby and is involved in coaching the junior sides. As an opening bowler he already has many Yorkshire league wickets to his name but has chipped useful runs as well. We hope he enjoys the rest of his stay here.

*Geographical note: Australia is one of the islands to the left of New Zealand, but is a lot quieter.

Who are these people?

This is a very simple competition with no prize. All you have to do is to write down a list of people who, at the Yorkshire game in June were to be seen working very hard at Abbeydale doing at least some of the following: selling raffle tickets, programmes, teas, coffees, drinks, sandwiches on behalf of the Club. Hint: precious few were male, or playing members (or even female playing members).

Match ball sponsorship

Good cricket balls are expensive. We should always like to hear from anyone who would like to sponsor a match ball, or even more than one match ball. Please contact the Collegiate secretary or Graham Vaughan for details about how this could be to your advantage.

Wall balls

Right, whose got the Sunday Sport then. (C. Wall, every Saturday)

‘John – why don’t you try bowling round the wicket.’ ‘I already am Charles.’

Match reports

Yorkshire league

<h4>vs. Sheffield Utd (10 July)</h4>

As Sir Garfield Sobers once stated, ‘form is temporary, class … is permanent’ and this was epitomised by a fellow West Indian on a blustery day at Bawtry Road. On the back of some dismal batting performances in recent weeks, Graham Bethell returned to form and proceeded to destroy the home bowling attack with an array of glorious strokes. His 94 came from a mere 61 deliveries faced. (That’s enough sycophancy – Ed.)

Neil Priestley once again completed an unbeaten half-century as Collegiate romped to victory with eight wickets and more than 21 overs to spare.

Earlier in the day, a spirited and bold innings by Shaun Beck carried the home side to a total of 170. Steve Hood once again bowled efficaciously and had ‘Lady Luck’ (and David Jones) been on his side, his rewards would certainly have been greater. Ably supported by the much travelled Wall (3-18) and Martin Ivill on his return from injury, the Collegiate side showed great cohesion in the testing conditions.

Chasing the relatively modest target, Priestley and in particular Bethell completed a professional team performance which brought Collegiate the first ‘double’ of the season.

Sheffield United
Beck, S           c Jones        b Ivill           87 
Barlow, M         c Priestley    b Hood             7 
Leigh, B          c Vaughan    b Hood               8
Bland, J          c Priestley  b Hood               3
Bowers,G          c Bethell    b Vaughan           15 
Phelan, T         c Seager     b Wall              11 
Mulligan, S       c Bethell    b Wall              16
McLocklan, C                   b Wall               2
Cunningham, M     c & b        Ivill                1
Wild, R           run out                           6
Radford, J        not out                           8
Extras                                              6
Total            (all out, 54.3 overs)            170

Jones, D         8-1-42-0
Hood, S         17-2-33-3
Vaughan, M      11-2-44-1
Ivill, M        10-2-26-2
Wall, C          8-2-18-3
Hespe, J       0.3-0-6-0 

Sheffield Collegiate
Priestley, N     not out                           54
Vaughan, M                     b Wild              18
Bethell, G       c Beck        b Phelan            94
McKenna, E       not out                            1
Extras                                              4
Total           (2 wickets, 33,4 overs)           171 

Wild, R          8-0-35-1
McLocklan, C    11-4-47-0
Radford, J       7-2-33-0
Cunningham, M    2-0-13-0 
Bowers, G        3-0-23-0 
Phelan, T        2-0-9-1
Barlow, M      0.4-0-8-0

Junior cricket

Normally match reports for the junior sides will appear here, but the fixtures have finished for this year but readers might appreciate this letter from Peter Wright that appeared in the local press recently.

“We seem to read nothing but bad news about the youth of today. But all is not lost. Last Thursday, July 8, I had the pleasure of attending a match between Collegiate and Sheffield Works Under-13 teams. From 6pm when the match started until the finish at 8.45pm the weather varied from driven rain to heavy downpour. Throughout all this, play carried on to completion without any break although the umpires, who deserve high praise, must have considered calling it off. Collegiate won the points but both teams were victors on the night for playing under such atrocious conditions. I was sure as the wind whistled across from the moors I heard the strains of ‘Land of Hope and Glory’. Peter Wright, Springfield Road, S7.”

Derbyshire Building Society Cup

<h4>vs. Denby (Semi-final: 11 July)</h4>

A polished bating display by Sheffield Collegiate brushed aside a plucky Denby team in this Cup semi-final. Neil Priestly registered his second century of the season, with an innings of the highest quality. He swept and drove with consummate ease as he led his side into the final of the Derbyshire Building Society at the first attempt. Early in the day, the Collegiate fielding failed to match the usual high standards and at times, a ‘Keystone Cops’ atmosphere was in evidence with an array of misfields. A typically wily spell of off-spin from John Hespe restored normality and after lunch, the South Yorkshire side regained the composure that had deserted them during the morning session. It was due only to a swashbuckling innings of 49* by Avid Patel that the home side total passed the 200 mark in the allotted 60 overs.

It was not all plain sailing with the bat either for Collegiate, it took an outstanding partnership to redeem the early collywobbles. Vaughan dismissed to a splendid diving catch behind the wicket left the visitors at 7 for 1. Graham Bethell, a fine if unconventional cricketer, half scratchy violin and half glorious serenade, edged a short ball as he aimed to repeat a flashing cut to the boundary. It was 42 for two and Collegiate were in trouble. The unflappable Priestley, sound in method, and McKenna, running with the alacrity that so often eludes his comrades, however swept the score along at close to four an over. Priestley’s century was saluted by the first burst of sunshine of the day and when he was eventually out for an immaculate 115, the game was as good as won. It was left to McKenna and Livermore to pick up the 20 runs needed for victory and a deserved ticket to the final (at the Derby County Cricket Ground, 29 August).

Hunter, K         c Jones        b Wall            13
Poplar, S         c Wall         b Ivill           60
Glenn, P                        b Jones            26
Burgoyne, I       run out                          17
Bullock, S        lbw           b Hood             20
Fowkes, D         c Wall        b Ivill             2
Sparham, T        c Livermore   b Hood             11
Patel, A          not out                          49
Glenn, M          c Root        b Hood              0
Wilson            not out                           2
Extras                                             21
Total            (8 wickets, 60 overs)            221

Hood, S          12-1-51-3 
Wall, E           8-3-15-1 
Jones, D         12-2-42-1 
Hespe, J         12-3-21-0
Vaughan, M        6-0-25-0
Ivill, M         10-3-48-2 

Sheffield Collegiate 
Priestley, N.    c Patel        b Burg'yne        115 
Vaughan, M       c Fowkes       b Worth'ton         5 
Bethell, G       c Fowkes       b M. Glenn         20
McKenna, E.      not out                           64 
Livermore, S     not out                            9
Extras                                              9 
Total            (for 3, 55.1 overs)              222 

Worthington, M    9-1-47-1 
Glenn, M         12-4-38-1 
Bullock, S       10-0-40-0
Patel, A        8.1-3.37-1
Glenn, P          4-0-16-0

Ridings League Cup

<h4>vs Cleethorpes (11 July) </h4>

The Ridings League side met Cleethorpes in the Cup after a postponed fixture earlier in the season. Cleethorpes have a strong side but Collegiate went into the game in an optimistic mood having rolled league champions Harrogate over the previous week by nine wickets in the league. Ian Howe is a useless ***** so Collegiate took the field on a scorching hot day.

However, Cleethorpes failed to capitalise upon a placid track and only scored one run in the first seven overs of a fifty over game against the blistering pace of Chris Stewart and Mr Angry. From there Cleethorpes were under consistent pressure and never looked like reaching a defendable total on a 220 track. Their innings closed at 162-7 after 50 overs. Chris Stewart claimed four of those wickets but was reasonably well backed up by the change bowlers, especially Jim Tasker.

Batting looked a lot easier after tea and the Cleethorpes attack was milked by openers Dave Furniss and Matt Root. Eventually Dave Furniss holed out on 49. You could tell that he saw the funny side of it. Matt was joined by David Vaughan and neither looked like losing concentration. The result was a very pleasing nine-wicket victory and overall a powerful performance.

Hunter, J.        c + b             Pratt        55
Hood, J.          b Stewart                       0
Welton, G.        run out                        26
Irvine, S.                          b Tasker      9
Drummond, I.      run out                        17
Wheeler, N.       c Wood            b Stewart    12
Winship, R.                         b Pratt       0
Houghton, R.      c Vaughan         b Stewart     6
Todd, J.          c Vaughan         b Stewart     7
Smith, M.         not out                         5
Davies, J.        not out                         5
Extras                                           20
Total             (9 wickets)                   162

Stewart, C.       10-4-17-4
Winter, M.         8-4-21-0
Wood, D.           7-2-32-0
Tasker, J.        10-4-18-1
Pratt, S.          8-0-36-2
Root, M.           7-0-26-0 

Root, M.           not out                       85
Furniss, D.        c + b            Winship      49
Vaughan, D.        not out                       21
Extras                                            8
Total              (1 wicket)                   163
Todd, J.           10-4-18-0
Davies, J           9-2-36-0
Houghton, R.       10-1-37-0
Drummond, I.        3-0-20-0
Winship, R.         3-0-19-1
Wheeler, N.         3-0-20-0
Welton, G.        0.3-0-6-0

Ridings League

<h4>vs. Scarborough (1 Aug) </h4>

Sometimes you have a good day. On Saturday 10 Collegiate players had a good day. Lionel ‘Arnie’ Clarke didn’t. What can you say about a player who refused a catch (‘I didn’t pick it up’), didn’t bowl (phew), and got a fourth ball duck after playing back two long hops and a full toss. Well you could say a lot but that would result in this being the first and last Newsletter. Anyway, the rest of us played like stars.

A depleted Scaborough struggled to 145 from their 55 overs, a score which never began to look like enough. The bowling honours were shared equally. After the Collegiate openers departed relatively early, one earlier than the other, Vaughan and Stewart knocked the rest of the runs off with some style.

Gormley, S.                          b Tasker    8
North, M.          l.b.w.            b Tasker   22
Riley, J.          c Tasker A.       b Ward     64
Harrison, R.                         b Stuart    7
Seed, P.           c Vaughan         b Stuart    0
Philliskirk, B.    c Vaughan         b Stuart    0
Blaymires, G.      not out                      16
Philliskirk, S.    c Tasker, J.      b Pratt     7
Beaumont, G.                         b Ward      4
Ellis, P.          c Tasker, J.      b Pratt     0
Philliskirk, I.    not out                       0
Extras                                          17
Total     (55 overs, 9 wickets)                145
Stuart, C.        17-4-51-3
Ward, B.          16-5-30-2
Tasker, J.        14-5-33-2
Pratt, S.          8-2-14-2 

Clarke, L.        c Riley            b Ellis     0
Else, M.          lbw                b Ellis    15
Vaughan, D.       not out                       71
Stuart, C.        not out                       61
Extras                                           5
Total    (41.5 overs, 2 wickets)               149 
Ellis, P.        14-6-41-2
Philliskirk, B.  14-1-50-0
Philliskirk, S.   7-1-27-0
Gormley, S.       5-0-14-0
Seed, P.        1.5-0-10-0

Yorkshire & Derbyshire League

<h4>vs. Hundall (1 Aug)</h4>

Hundall won the toss so Collegiate batted. A good first five line up did not apply themselves suffieciently as after 39.4 overs the score was only 105. The next 6.4 overs produced 57 runs which rescued Collegiate’s position and earning four batting points. Steady bowling was allowed to dominate, even ex-Collegiate player Archie Smales showing his versatility.

Hundall began the chase. Harris bowled with ‘pace’ for the first three overs and Walmesley was steady at the opposite end. At 6 for 1, Achie Smales came to the crease and effectively won the match, after having offered a very simple chance in his first over while on 0. His 96 was a lesson to those bowlers who are not used to forthright batsmen with a determination to hit the ball.

Hundall won with 3.2 overs to spare, by 6 wickets. The old story: another 30-40 runs gained with some more positive running between the wickets could have changed the outcome into Collegiate’s favour.

Clarke, L.                     b Taylor         32
Tasker, J.         c Smith     b Smales         22
Vaughan, D.        c Walker    b Smales         28
Tasker, A.         c Bayston   b Taylor          3
Stewart, C.        lbw Smales                   23
Naik, R.           not out                      21
Harris, T.                     b Parker         10
Walmesley, N       not out                       0
extras                                          20
Total    (7 wkts, 46 overs)                    162 

Pursehook     10-1-38-1
Taylor        16-2-42-2
Smales        13-3-40-2
Parker         7-0-36-1

Russell            c Harris    b Stewart        25
Kedley             c Stewart   b Walmesley       1 
Smales             c Clarke    b Doherty        96 
Walker             c Tasker A. b Tasker J.      13
Smith              not out                      13
Pursehouse         not out                       2
Extras                                          14
Total    (4 wkts, 42.4 overs)                  164


‘Cricketers are more gentlemanly than footballers, they ‘ardly ever spit.’

Raquel (Rovers Return)

Collegiate fashions

For a number of years Collegiate members have worn shirts, jumpers, and ties in Club colours with pride. We hope that our readers might like to support us by wearing some of these items.

Please send your orders to Sue Rathbone, 126 Townhead Road, Dore, Sheffield S17 3GB.

Prices include packing and delivery. Please state your size and required colour for jumpers and shirts, pick a size larger than you might choose in Marks & Sparks. The shirts jumpers are available in a number of colours including maroon, various blues, green, and white.

                                Price/ (UKL) 
Cricket jumper (long sleeve)         38.00
Cricket jumper (short sleeve)        29.00
Sweat shirt                          14.00
Striped sweat shirt                  17.00
Sports ('polo') shirt                15.00
Club Ties                             7.00 

League news

Changes are on the agenda for the Ridings League. Collegiate and other clubs are upset about the quality of teams fielded by a minority of clubs and have made proposals which if agreed would require all Ridings League matches to be played on Saturdays and for new strong clubs to be incorporated into the league. These changes might result in some weaker sides leaving the League, resulting in a strengthening of Ridings League cricket. A useful spin off of this would be that Collegiate could strengthen their Club side fixture list on Sundays, meaning more cricket for all.

View from the bench

The General Committee of Sheffield Collegiate consisting of the officers and other elected representatives meets once per month on or about the first Monday in the month to discuss a wide range of matters relating to the Cricket Club. If anyone has any views or topics which you think need to be formally considered by the Club please tell any of the captains or the other committee members and the matter will be included on the agenda.

Good to see two old friends Tony O’Dell and Peter Wright at Abbeydale recently. Both appear well and happy in their adopted homelands.

There is no truth in the rumour that the 25 of assorted curry dishes which Tony purchased from Totley Rise were all for him. Mr Treherne should be contacted for further information.


A small minority of playing members are delinquent in their payment of subscriptions. All such will be considered as ineligible for selection until all debts are settled.

Readers’ Top Tips

Each month we include a selection of readers’ top tips. Please send in your top tips. The author of each top tip will receive absolutely nothing, but we’ll be very grateful.

Give your team a better chance of winning by sneaking out at teatime and pulling the boundary rope in by 30 yards (this works best if you’re batting second).

(I.H., Sheffield)

Can’t get the green out of your whites? Just cover the stains with shoe whitener.

(Cyril, Sheffield)

Make the spectators think you are an England selector by painting your face green, wrapping yourself up in silver foil, and asking everyone for directions to the spaceship stop for the planet Zog.

(D.J.G., Hants)

Make the other players think you are Australian by punching the umpire on the nose every time an appeal is turned down.

(S.Hood, New Zealand)

Reader’s letters

Dear Gracie

For many years I’ve selected teams to the best of my ability without regard for colour, creed, sartorial elegance, or ability. But now I find that nobody loves me, what should I do.

(E.R.D., Zog)

Gracie says: “resign“.

We welcome letters for consideration for publication in this news letter. All writers of letters for Gracie are assured of a completely inconfidential service.

Blackmail corner

Every month we blackmail someone for the good of the club. The Club cannot usually accept private contracts for blackmail on a commission basis but the authors of this newsletter would certainly like to hear the details.

If Miff, who ran naked through Cambridge doesn’t join the 200 Club, we will reveal his identity to all.


For sale

one hair brush, immaculate condition, contact Matt Root

7 bats, hardly used, apply to anyone batting 5 – 11 in Ridings League side.

Lonely hearts

Shy teetotaller with interest in organ music would very much like to meet an English girl of similar disposition with similar interests for quiet outings on Sunday afternoons in the country, perhaps to take brass rubbings at the graveyard. Contact Steve Hood.

Charles, see you at the Nursery 9.00 Sunday – an ardent admirer.

Treasure Hunt

Friday August 13th: Entrance fee 1.00 per person, start 5.30-6.30 from The Moorlands car park, Owler Bar. Bring your own car. Please sign up on the Club noticeboard. Everyone welcome!

Cricket at Abbeydale in August

The following games will be played at Abbeydale this month. Admission is free, a bar and restaurant is available.

Sun    1st     Sheffield Utd        U15
Sun    1st     Hundall              YD
Fri    6th     Lincoln Lindum       club
Sat    7th     Doncaster Town       YL
Sun    8th     Frecheville          club
Tue    10th    Guisborough          club
Sat    14th    Cleethorpes          YL
Sun    15th    Wharfedale Ramb.     club
Sat    19th    Derby Friars         club
Sat    21st    Castleford           RL
Sun    22nd    Saracens             club
Sat    28th    Barnsley             RL
Mon    30th    Harrogate            YL
Mon    30th    Parkhead I           YD
Sat    7th     Doncaster Town       YL 

U15: under 15 (10.00) YL: Yorkshire league (1.15) RL: Ridings league (1.15) YD: Yorkshire & Derbyshire Club Cricket League (1.15)

Advertisement: Third Umpire – Telephone service

Why go to the expense of paying for a third umpire when you can pay just a fraction of the price for our professional quality telephone service. Just ring the number below, describe the incident, and we will phone back within the hour with our decision. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Third umpire service: 0891 123456

Calls charged at 36p per minute cheap rate or 48p per minute standard.

Decisions on those close bat-pad catches a speciality.

League Tables (as on 6/8/93)

Yorkshire League

Club            P    W    D    L    pts
Collegiate     16   10    5    1    69
Castleford     16   10    4    2    69
Barnsley       16    7    5    4    52
Rotherham      16    6    6    4    51
Harrogate      15    7    4    4    50
Scarborough    16    6    8    2    48
Hull           16    4    7    5    42
York           16    3    8    5    37
Cleethorpes    16    5    4    7    36 
Sheffield Utd  16    3    4    9    22
Doncaster      16    1    5   10    18
Halifax        15    1    4   10    12 

Ridings League

Club            P    W    D    L    pts
Collegiate     11    5    5    1    43
Cleethorpes    13    7    2    4    42
Sheffield Utd  12    6    5    1    41
Scarborough     7    3    8    2    36
Rotherham      12    6    1    1    35
Castleford     12    4    3    3    28
Halifax         9    3    4    6    25
Hull           12    2    3    5    24
Doncaster       8    3    4    6    24
Barnsley       12    3    3    7    22
Harrogate      10    2    2    8    17 

Yorkshire & Derbyshire League, Div. 1

Club          P    W    D    L      pts
Old Edwardians    14                222
Hundall           13                211
Sheffield Works   12                204
Parkhead 1        12                171
De la Salle OBs   13                145
Univ Staff        13                142
Collegiate        11                137
Parkhead 2        15                123
Dronfield Wood'   13                104
Scarcliffe        13                103

The Sheffield Collegiate Newsletter is Sheffield Collegiate 1993.

The hard-copy edition is produced and printed by The Angry Press. This on-line version contains the full text of the hard-copy version but excludes the adverts!

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